Private Jet Charters

Indianapolis, Indiana

Private Jet Charters

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Jet Charters

Jet Charters to Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana is the 25th largest economy in the US, which means business is booming. Industries such as finance, insurance, education, healthcare, and of course pro sports and racing.

This thriving and fantastic midwestern city has culture, food, and showcases local art, murals, and sculptures everywhere. You can enjoy the advantages of flying in or out of Indy in a private jet charter at your own convenience.

It's simply efficient travel, and a time saver because you avoid the bustle of security lines and busy airport terminals. You have your own space to work, hold meetings, eat, drink, rest, enjoy entertainment and have ground transportation awaiting your arrival before you land. There are amenities available such as wifi, music, and movies in addition to the overall luxury of being in a relaxed environment without hassle and stress.

Flex Air Charters is your one-stop to private luxury travel.

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Enjoy a Private Charter to the Crossroads of America

Indianapolis has been identified by quite a few names over time., Circle City, Indy, India-no-place, Naptown, and its ties to transportation, namely Railroad city, and one most famous, the Crossroads of America due to its interconnecting highways that cross through the state which connects it to the rest of the country. The city houses enough culture, art, and good food to feel warm to everyone.

Flex Air Charters is delighted to provide exclusive air transportation via private jet charters in and out of the city for our clients business and pleasure. There are 23 airports located within a 50-mile radius of Indianapolis, and more beyond that, where we offer a wide range of luxury jets for light, mid range, and large sized parties. We can schedule you a flight to be whisked in or out of the racing capital of the world within a few hours safely and in luxury. Our professional client services aim to provide hassle-free service and will handle the logistics of the flight and any ground transportation at your request.

All you have to do is enjoy the ride in comfort and enjoy your time in the city having fun visiting places like:

  • The

  • The Dallara

  • Lucas

  • Dining on

  • Historical

You’ll be met at and escorted through a private terminal where staff members will ensure you have everything squared away before taking off. There will be no lines, no frustrating checkpoints, no running to distant gates in fear of losing your flight and no hassle. You’ll be situated and on your way to your destination in personal comfort and privacy.

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Private Jet to Indianapolis Private Jet to Indianapolis

Private Airports offer the Most Convenient Way to Travel

Traveling via private jet charters is maximized when you choose to depart and arrive in private airports. Below is a short list of private airports which are in close vicinity of the city not available with traditional flights.

There are over 80 private airports available around the city which clients can access including this short list:

  • Arens Field Airport

  • Atterbury Field Airport

  • Boone County Airport

  • Cedar Farm Airport

  • Clark County Airport

  • Columbus Muni Airport

  • Clinton Airport


In the event that you aren't near a private airport, Flex Air Charters can also schedule helicopter charters to take you directly to the nearest airport helipad so that you don't skip a beat. Reduce the stress of waiting times, enjoy a fabulous view along the way, and keep your privacy intact from the beginning of the trip until you land.

Heliports are situated closer to town than airports and offer the advantage of flying to the airport faster, especially in packed or distant areas.

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Jet Charters to Indianapolis Jet Charters to Indianapolis

Flex Air Charters has Exquisite Personal and Private Charter Jet Flights

Flex Air Charters offers excellent charters for clients ready to fly to Indianapolis in a moments notice. Our professional client agents are available to provide you with all of the valuable information you need in a free private jet charter consultation. If there are further services needed, not to worry, we'll prepare everything from logistics, down to the safe landing at your destination.

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