7 of the Best Holiday Destinations in the U.S

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Ho-Ho-Holiday Season is upon us

The United States is huge, and with that sprawling size comes an absolutely stunning array of holiday vacation adventure destinations for literally every possible geographical, climate, landscape and activity preference under the sun. The country’s geographical range is so broad that it lets you enjoy anything from literal arctic chills to sweltering tropical greenery at any time of the year and within less than a single day’s flight time.

Few other nations on earth can offer this, or the sheer range of cities, national parks, historic landmarks and sights to see of all types across the landscape of a single country. While such an extraordinary range of choices means no shortage of options, here’s our own run-down of some of the best among the best for your next Christmas vacation.

1. New York City, New York

Holiday Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza

Photo Courtesy of Rob Young from United Kingdom

We might as well just come right out and state the obvious: that there’s no other U.S. city in existence with quite the quintessential movie-like charm of NYC when it comes to a Christmas visit. New York City might just be one of the most visibly famous cities in the world for iconic urban winter images. This means interesting, beautiful and downright fun things to do no matter how much you stretch out your vacation. The world-famous giant Christmas tree of Rockefeller Center and The absolutely lovely snowy landscapes of Central Park are just two of the obvious things to visit, but there are so many more. And if you’re looking for gift ideas that really shine, the city is after all one of the premiere shopping destinations for people from all over the planet.

2. North Pole, Alaska.

Oh yeah, it really does exist as an actual town, even if it’s a little over 1,700 miles away from the true North Pole. The town of North Pole, Alaska offers one thing that the real North Pole doesn’t however and that’s survivable habitability. This absolutely Holiday-saturated town may be a bit of a distant vacation destination but if you’ve got the time, or a private jet charter to easily and quickly take you there, it’s truly worth a unique family visit. The North Pole includes such charming landmarks as Snowman Lane, Saint Nicholas Drive, Holiday Road, and Santa Claus Lane. The town’s post office is not only lovely to behold as well, it’s also where millions of letters written over the decades by children have gone when addressed to “Santa Claus, North Pole”. An annual tree-lighting ceremony at the North Pole is a definite must-see if you finally decide to visit.

3. Vail, Colorado

Without getting close to the Arctic Circle, you probably can’t do better than Vail Colorado for a magically white, snowy, pine tree-filled Holiday destination. The truly lovely town of Vail is not only absolutely lovely to explore, it’s also filled with unique adventures for an entire family. These include the delightful Kris Kringle Market, the Vail Holidaze annual tree lighting event and of course the gift shopping ideas that appear in just about every window display in the picturesque heart of Vail Village itself. If you or your family are also into winter sports, this particular destination is also one of the single best ski resort towns in the country, and lives up to its reputation for skiing or any other kind of outdoor Holiday adventure.

4. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Holiday Nantucket Christmas Stroll

Photo Courtesy of Nantucket Island Resorts

New England as a whole can become truly magical during the Winter Holidays, but for a single spot that really represents all of that charm in one easy to visit landscape, Nantucket probably distills New England Holiday spirit down to its essence. This coastal town offers snow, caroling, and an annual Christmas Stroll event that presents dozens of beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Luxury accommodations share the town with wonderfully quaint New England inns and bed & breakfast spots for cozy hospitality options. Gourmet dining options, wine tastings and places for a quiet cup of hot chocolate are abundant. Nantucket also happens to be a charming historical town during the rest of the year.

5. Williamsburg, Virginia

Few small towns in the United States truly pull out all the stops for Holiday spirit and holiday decoration in quite the way that Williamsburg does. This rather extraordinary historic town is almost certain to create a uniquely beautiful experience for almost anyone who visits. Williamsburg is just about as family-friendly as can be while creating memories of Christmas spirit that might remain for a lifetime. The Christmas market is absolutely worth a visit and gourmet snacks, dining, drink and dinner options are everywhere. The sheer historic vibe of Williamsburg blends with its holiday cheer during the end of the year for an experience that’s genuinely unique.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada


Ethel M's Holiday Cactus Garden

Photo Courtesy of Ethel M’s Holiday Cactus Garden. (KSNV)

Most people probably wouldn’t associate Las Vegas with Holiday adventures in their first thoughts of this world famous city, but it really does deliver some magic in its own unique way during the holidays. This city is always glittering with colorful light but when Christmas rolls around, a whole new level of holiday charm is added to the glow. Las Vegas may be a gambler’s paradise but its range of gourmet dining, evening drink and family adventure options is also extremely diverse. Holiday gift shopping is bound to be an interesting experience and because we’re talking about a desert city here, the weather stays away from the truly deep cold in Vegas.

7. St. Augustine, Florida

If you want a change from snowy holidays to tropical warmth, then Christmas in St. Augustine is a genuinely unique experience. This tropically warm southern city kicks off its holiday celebrations with a wonderful Christmas Parade and the festivities continue straight into the New Year with the town’s incredible Nights of Lights festival. During this particular event, the whole city absolutely glows with over 3 million tiny white Christmas lights. The Old Town Trolley is also a lovely option for a powered cruise around the city during the Famous Nights of Lights Tour. It covers the charmingly rustic 20 blocks that make up St. Augustine’s authentic historic district.

Getting There and Away

Christmas vacation travel can also have its stressful side, with crowds and long wait times at nearly any major airport or travel hub. To avoid all of these stresses and choose your own flight times right down to the minute, consider a private charter plane service as a unique, unforgettable option for both you and your family. FlexAir offers numerous options.