Cessna Citation II: Setting the Standard for Business Jets

Cessna Citation II: Setting the Standard for Business Jets

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The Cessna Citation II is a light corporate jet built by Cessna, an American general aviation aircraft manufacturing corporation. The aircraft, which was announced in September 1976, was stretched from the Citation I and made its maiden voyage on January 31, 1977. It was subsequently certified in March 1978.

The Cessna Citation II/SP, a single pilot version, made its maiden voyage on February 14, 1984.

The Citation II stretched the Citation I fuselage by 3 feet 9 inches, increasing seating capacity to 10 as well as baggage capacity. Its wingspan was also increased, as was its fuel capacity. The aircraft also added a more powerful 11 kN Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D4 engine, which provides higher cruise speeds and longer range.

The aircraft has an unswept, tapered wing, airfoil-section thickness ratios that vary from 14 percent at the root to 12 percent at the tip, a horizontal tail that is located near the root of the vertical fin and incorporates a small amount of dihedral to reduce immersion in the jet exhaust, and a vertical tail that improves directional stability.

The Cessna Citation II has set the standard for modern light business jets, offering increased performance and comfort. It is considered the ideal aircraft for those looking for cost-efficiency and access to smaller airports.

The interior can accommodate six to seven passengers comfortably. The cabin features luxurious pedestal-mounted swivel chairs and has a hot and cold beverage area as well as a convenient mini-bar and bathroom. It also includes significant baggage capacity.

The Cessna Citation II was designed to take off and land from most fields used by light and medium twin-engine propeller-driven aircraft, as well as from unpaved runways

More than 1,000 jets were sold during the Cessna Citation II‘s first four years on the market. It was manufactured for 16 years, making it Cessna’s best-selling private jet, and it still represents a flexible and convenient option for those looking for a reliable business jet.

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