Meet Gulfstream’s 2 Brand New, Ultramodern Luxury Private Jets

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Gulfstream has announced the arrival of its two latest luxury private and corporate travel jets with plenty of PR fanfare, and with good reason. Both are sleekly impressive. Called the G400 and the G800, each has something to offer for its class.

The G400 is the smaller of the two jets and showcases a reinvented large-cabin design that’s compact while being finely appointed. Despite its compact size, this jet has a 4,200 nautical mile range that makes it ideal for long-distance domestic and continental travel.

Other fine touches in the G400 include a few record-breaking comfort metrics. For one thing, its cabin is the largest and –according to Gulfstream- quietest in its class. The G400 can comfortably seat nine, 11, or 12 passengers depending on how its adjustable configuration is laid out, and it can also be modified into 2 and a half living areas.

The 10 panoramic windows are furthermore exceptionally large due to Gulfstream’s uniquely rounded design, allowing for above-average outside view quality.

As an added quality touch, Gulfstream promises that the G400 circulates 100% fresh air into the cabin constantly for maximum breathing quality and reduced jetlag as well.

The G400 even incorporated carbon-reducing manufacturing into its propulsion. The dual Pratt and Whitney PW812GA engines combine with what Gulfstream describes as a clean wing design to minimize both noise and carbon emissions over the course of any journey.

Gulfstream built the G400 with input from both its own aircraft design experts and from customers as well, leading to a plane that the company hopes will serve its buyers and passengers with exceptional comfort levels. The compact plane’s internal design specs and modifiable seating feature certainly make it unusually roomy for its class.

Then there’s Gulfstream’s new G800 private jet. This is the G400’s bigger, much more powerful cousin and it certainly impresses across the board.

The G800 dramatically ups travel power with a pair of Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines that deliver 13,496 pounds of thrust and can fly the plane’s lucky owners cross a distance of up to 8,500 nautical miles (just over twice the range of the G400).

This plane essentially has more range than any of its similarly-classed predecessors and is the longest range plane in the entire Gulfstream fleet. This exceeds even the range of much larger commercial passenger planes like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The G800 is also incredibly fast, being capable of reaching cruising speeds of Mach 0.85.

Engine and flight specs aside, the G800 is truly designed for luxury and comfort on long private jet charters or flights of any kind. Gulfstream has outfitted it with four distinct living spaces that have room for 19 passengers and the same reconfigurable design holds as in the G400, letting owners customize for personal comfort or seating capacity as needed. The G800 also pumps in constant fresh, high altitude air throughout any flight and Gulfstream cleans it up still further with the company’s unique plasma-ionization air cleaning system.

The G800 includes 16 panoramic windows, all with the brand’s nearly iconic widely rounded build.

Both of these new aircraft deliver exceptionally advanced pilot controls as well. These include 10 different touch-screen displays inside the cockpit and active control sticks that work smoothly with tactile cues for non-verbal dual-pilot communication. There’s also a predictive landing system that makes it easier than ever before to get back down to the ground.

For both individual owners and private jet charter services such as Flex Air Aviation, planes such as the G400 and G800 will be welcome offerings for luxury long-range travel options.

Photo Credit: Gulfstream