Top 4 NYC Air Charter Airports… Which is the Best for Jet Charters?

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New York City is a busy center for many industries including fashion, financial markets and major entertainment which plays a dramatic role in its immense amount of private jet clients and operators. Having over 8 million residents to serve makes for many different airports required to handle the masses that fly every day of the year. Major airports are plentiful including those such as JFK, Laguardia and Newark International. However, the most convenient NYC air charter airports are those that are smaller, private and conveniently located a short distance from downtown.

When choosing the best NYC air charter airport for your private jet arrival or departure, it is important to not only look at the amenities but also how scheduling for your flight to take off or land at one of these can save you time. Even just a few minutes can mean the difference between a meeting missed and a meeting held. With fewer delays, congestion and lower landing fees, these top 4 are our favorites in the area to save you time, and money.

Teterboro Airport - KTEB - New Jersey

Teterboro Airport – KTEB – New Jersey

KTEB – New Jersey – Teterboro Airport

Teterboro, often seen as the most popular NYC air charter airport, is also the oldest with its inception dating back to 1919. KTEB is located on Hwy-1 across from George Washington Bridge and a short way from the Lincoln Tunnel. Although it does not service commercial airplanes the airport serves many New York City private jet charter clients from industries ranging from big financial members to other private or individuals in the Manhattan area. Teterboro Airport has two runways, one being 7000’ N to S runway and a 6000’ SW to NE runway.

Teterboro has over 5 FBOs, several of which are also operators, located around the entire field. Each has its amenities catering to clients and easily accessible from many entry points. KTEB also hosts many transient aircraft along with its 94 charter aircraft, and several other Part 91 jets of all types and sizes. The airport is often used as a stop for local operators from other fields awaiting their next missions.

Westchester County Airport - KHPN – White Plains, New York

Westchester County Airport – KHPN – White Plains, New York

KHPN – White Plains – Westchester County Airport

Located in Northern Westchester Country, White Plains offers easy access to clients heading in or out via major roadways such as Hutchinson Pkwy. Home to multiple airways and a commercial terminal, as well as holding the most Part 91 aircraft in the country, give KHPN an advantage for hosting many private travelers. Many fortune 500 companies fly from here. Influencing its private jet operations allows private jet users the upper hand when it comes to operations and issues.

Not only does this make decisions regarding flights much simpler and expedited but also its scenic layout is a big draw for companies, operators and flyers throughout the world. The airport services areas such as Greenwich, and Stafford Connecticut. With it’s lower popularity in comparison to KTEB, private jet operators often will book aircraft at a decent discount for those travelers switching from the number one private airport.

Republic Airport - FRG - Farmingdale, New York

Republic Airport – FRG – Farmingdale, New York

FRG – Farmingdale – Republic Airport

As they are within proximity to each other, we felt it appropriate to list these two together.

Farmingdale was built in 1927 by Sherman Fairchild, an aircraft manufacturer. It lies off hwy 111 and like Islip, services clients in the Long Island and Eastern Boroughs of New York. FRG is a completely executive field that provides quicker landings and takeoffs than the larger commercial site at Islip. There are 2 major national FBOs at Farmingdale as well as 45 Part 135 aircraft. With its two jet length runways, Republic Airport offers great access in all winds and inclement weather.

Long Island MacArthur Airport - ISP - Islip, New York

Long Island MacArthur Airport – ISP – Islip, New York

ISP – Islip – Long Island MacArthur Airport

Long Island MacArthur Airport was founded in the 1940s to supplement the war effort. It is located conveniently on the I-495 corridor and services both private and commercial flights. Islip is home base to 28 Part 135 aircraft including several newer Legacy 600 aircraft that are a slightly lower-cost alternative to Gulfstream GIV type products. Another convenience of Islip is its larger size and multiple runways including several jet length and one turboprop runway.

So why not one of the major airports?

Often, many people do not consider these airports when they think of flying into or out of New York City, however, for private jet charter clients, these are the best in the state. With their proximity to the city as well as less of a wait time to take off, passengers can often save on time and money by arriving or departing from any of these mentioned.

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