Las Vegas Raiders Get Celebrated by Their Own Branded Plane From Allegiant

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If you’re a fan of the Las Vegas Raiders, then you’ll probably appreciate Allegiant Air’s latest passenger jet. The new plane pays homage to the NFL team in an exceptionally visible way by having been painted with their highly iconic silver and black colors and the Raiders shield. The team colors and its immediately recognizable pirate-like face are splashed across nearly half the fuselage and part of the tail fins.

These are accompanied by Allegiant Airline’s distinct sunburst logo and ribbon combo. The plane’s engines clearly proclaim “Raider Nation” to the world in giant bold capital text.

The front half of the new aircraft is colored entirely silver and features “Allegiant” in even larger letters.

The publicity stunt was unveiled as a celebration of the team’s 2021 NFL season kickoff, and since Allegiant Air is the Raider’s official airline, some sort of PR effort was hardly unexpected. Nonetheless, painting nearly half a passenger plane with the team’s colors and symbols was a definite creative touch.

At the plane’s inaugural flight from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Raiders executives were ready and waiting alongside Allegiant and McCarran Airport executives to introduce the specially made plane to the public and media. The aircraft will nicely complement existing promotional structures with Raider colors in Las Vegas.

According to reports from the plane’s builders, placing the paint scheme took about a week. If you happen to be in Las Vegas or some other Allegiant-supporting airfield soon, you yourself might even end up hopping aboard this particular flying machine.

Despite the extensive exterior paint job, the inside of the new aircraft looks just like that of any other Allegiant passenger plane.

According to Scott DeAngelo, Allegiant’s chief marketing officer, “One of the things we could do and we promised to do was amplify the Raider brand to places that we went. There’s no more tangible way to do it than have the Raiders on our plane flying this thing worldwide.

The Raiders will be starting off the NFL season’s opening event this following Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens. Allegiant is already selling fan travel packages for the season games and will almost certainly have an offering for a trip aboard the plane as one of its deals.

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