A Bay Area Pilot Wins A Plane from Leading Pilot Organization in the U.S.

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On January 24, 2021, Aaron Benedetti, a Bay Area pilot, received a big surprise from the largest pilot organization in the U.S. The pilot won an airplane over the weekend despite being clueless when he entered Livermore Airport in California. However, he knew a plane was going to be won by any pilot chosen by the organization. Nearly all pilots talked about the plane, including him. Yet, Aaron did not know the plane would be his.

The pilot failed to hide his joy of the unexpected win and stated that he only needed to spend some time in Livermore. Aaron also obliged to have lunch with his good friend and fellow pilot residing in Oregon, who was involved in the trick. He added that it is a unique but excellent gift to use with his wife when they go camping.

Aaron added that he had never won anything before and often considered himself unlucky in buying tickets or winning things. By winning a plane, it seems the pilot has become lucky. The move to check a shiny plane sitting on Livermore Airport’s ramp led him to his luck.

Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association usually holds an annual event where one of its 300,000 members walks away with a plane. According to Mark Baker, AOPA President, Aaron’s plane was the first experimental plane referred to as the R.V 10. He added that the aircraft is relatively fast fuel-efficient, incorporates a modern glass panel, comes with new paint and interior. The plane can also zip around at about 180 miles, making it an excellent aircraft for pilots.

The plan was built in Canada in 2007, but AOPA has made a complete overhaul, hence suitable for Aaron. The pilot knows how to fly as he is a United Airlines Captain on the Dreamliner 787. Baker also stated that with people moving around with automobiles, planes come in useful when they need to fly.

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