2019 Westminster Dog Show Jet Charter

2019 Westminster Dog Show Jet Charter

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If you’ve never attended a world-class dog show, the 2019 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City is your chance to see dogs vie for the title of “America’s Dog.” Preening dogs and energetic owners and handlers come together with adoring audiences on February 11-12. The competition for Best in Show has five of the top dogs strutting their stuff at Madison Square Garden. If you are a dog lover or have a show worthy furry companion, you should reserve a 2019 Westminster Dog Show jet charter to fly to NYC for the fun!

Although this show is almost the Super Bowl of dog competitions; the earliest competition goes back to 1877. A small but dog-dedicated collective of hunters met at Manhattan’s Westminster Hotel. That first competition pitted Setters against Pointers for a prize of a pearl-handled pistol.

Today, that friendly competition is still amicable but entails thousands of dogs competing over two days. The dogs are judged on how they represent their breeds. Judges evaluate the dogs’ stance, how they look, how they move and how they respond to commands relative to the ideals of their breed. All of the dogs must be purebreds with documented pedigrees.

Owners and handlers invest thousands of dollars in grooming, training, feeding and overall care of these very special animals. Although there is no cash prize for the Westminster Dog Show, the winning dog gets lots of attention and perks. There are media tours, morning show appearances just to name a few. So why do owners compete when there’s no money involved for the winners? One word–passion. These owners love their dogs and love showing them off.

Whether you’ve got a dog competing or you’re just the garden variety dog lover; Flex Air Charters can work with you to engage the 2019 Westminster Dog Show jet charter. Here’s the best part – unlike the rules-heavy commercial airlines; your dog can travel with you in-cabin.

Traveling by luxury jet charter is already a great ride for you and your group of enthusiasts. But for a dog owner, a private air charter is a sweet way to get to New York City.

For example:

  • Flex Air Charters can help you work with a partner to select the right jet for you and your dog or dogs.
  • There are no competing distractions causing havoc for you and your dog.
  • Riding in-cabin means that both you and your dog get delicious catered meals.
  • There are no size, breed or embargo restrictions in cabin.

Think about it. The craziness of organizing yourself, your group and/or your dogs can make traveling a nightmare. But with a private air charter, you can arrange to leave your house and the chauffeur is right outside your door with the most luxurious stretch limousine, deluxe shuttle or late model bus. Once you arrive at the airport, stroll past windingly long lines at the commercial airlines to arrive at your own private terminal.

You’ll want to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming when you see that beautiful 2019 Westminster Dog Show jet charter. When you’re a dog owner, you can’t cram everything in a carry-on bag. Lucky for you, the charter staff is courteous and happy to assist you and your party with their baggage. All you have to do is grab your dogs and board.

Look around at the gorgeous leather interior and the upscale amenities in the bathroom. You, your group and your dogs can relax during this flight! Use the fast WiFi service to complete any paperwork before the competition begins. Calm your nerves of pre-competition jitters with beautiful music from the latest technological advancements in sound with the music of your choice. Put on television shows geared for your dogs on one of several flat screens on board. Everything on this flight is geared for your comfort.

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