What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

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When most people hear private jet charter they think of an opulence reserved only for those rich and famous, however, private travel is a convenient and often affordable option for anyone. With customizable options and the ability to share the aircraft you are chartering, private air charters are merely a call away to an agent with experience enough to organize your perfect package. In this article, Flex Air Charters explains what to expect on a private air charter and why choosing one is right for you.

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter: Preflight

A private air charter begins with the preflight boarding and security checks

Unlike commercial flights, private jet charter clients have very little wait times and can expect TSA and safety checks to be painless and take merely a few moments. With private terminals for you to access for your charter, you can sit comfortably prior to flight without the crowds of an overpopulated airport. When you have the ability to pass over the long check in lines through commercial TSA you will have more time to yourself for the few moments it takes to ready the plane on your arrival. Most private airports offer parking services that give you the opportunity to drive right up to the tarmac, have your car valet parked in a secure lot and board the plane within a few moments.

Baggage checks are quick, if you will even need to check a bag

Other than having a speedier security check, you will also have a one on one baggage check that can take a moment if that. Most private jet charters allow for you to bring your baggage on board and some aircraft have accessible areas to stow your belongings. Passports can be pre-cleared by your operator and discreet security checking may include yourself and one to two other passengers.

Speaking of baggage, the limits are much more flexible aboard a private jet

The only thing to worry about is whether your baggage will fit aboard the aircraft you have scheduled for your flight, in most cases you can bring what you like. No additional charges will generally be added for checked luggage or carry-ons or your family pet. They can make their way aboard as well. Commercial baggage restrictions like those for liquids and irregular items such as guitar cases often mean placing your personal belongings in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Not with private charters. You can practically bring what you want aboard most private aircraft, however, keep in mind, customs clearances will still apply.

Fly when you want, we work on your schedule

Never miss a flight and last minute changes. Those are a piece of cake to handle as well. With private jet charters you can schedule your own departure times and if you are a busy executive traveler, you can make changes to your itinerary at any time. The flexibility offered with a jet charter is easily more convenient than it is with commercial travel, no rush, just relax. Your itinerary, is our itinerary.

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter: Inflight

Private flights are catered to any and all of your preferred tastes

When it comes to making your private jet charter fully tailored to your needs the possibilities are nearly endless. This is true even for the menu. While commercial airliners charge shocking fees for better food, and even then, is it really better? Private jet charters can have five-star catering aboard during your flight that can accommodate any craving you may have or be customized to be allergy friendly. Open bars are also an option for when you simply want to relax with a merlot.

Tailored entertainment while you are jetsetting is a HUGE bonus

We’ve all been there aboard a typical flight, cramped and trying to find solace in a tiny movie selection if any. Private charters offer clients the best in entertainment as the list can be personally selected by you, for movies, newspapers, magazines and more! Need to keep a child busy onboard? Operators can also ensure you are stocked on the latest video games or board games for the flight.

Need more Wi-Fi access? Get connected easily with a charter

While some commercial flights may offer their version of limited free Wi-Fi, you won’t have to worry about your browser limits with a private jet charter. Whether you need to get some work done, catch up on the juicy social media gossip or simply want to answer a few emails, Wi-Fi aboard these luxury private aircraft is free and non-limited. Many private charters also come with satellite telephones as well, so you can make calls or even conduct full meetings onboard.

The comfort of a private aircraft is on another level

Flex Air wants you to relax on board your charter. When it comes to what to expect on a private jet charter as far as comfort goes, you are literally in the lap of luxury aboard these planes. Some aircraft offer separate rooms with full beds to sleep in, others provide reclining leather seats meant for shorter trips. Whatever your need, operators are there to make you are the most comfortable you can be. Onboard showers, bathrooms and even seating configuration for you to speak face to face with clients can also be arranged.

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter

What to Expect on a Private Jet Charter: Postflight

Depart the aircraft and go, no line-filing

One of the biggest frustrations for commercial air travelers is the long wait to leave the aircraft. Filing in line, waiting for the people in front of you to get their bags, hoping that no one hits you with their carry-on, so many struggles are faced by commercial flyers. With a charter, you simply have to get your bags and go, no waiting unless you want to spend more time in the luxurious aircraft you find yourself in. You won’t have to stand at a baggage carousel or walk through a huge airport to reach your car service, everything is close by at the private airports Flex Air Charters can send you to. Need a passport checked? Oh yeah, your pilot does that too.

Ready to book your private jet?

If you have more questions on what to expect on a private jet charter, we have the answers and can make all of your travel dreams come true. Simply call Flex Air Charters to get started on building your perfect air travel package with the right aircraft, crew and amenities to make it the best you’ve ever had.

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