Air Charter Safety

Flex Air Charters Promotes And Enables A Strict Adherence To Air Charter Safety Protocols

Flex Air Charters personally promotes the belief that all air charter operators and brokers have a fiduciary responsibility to the consumer with the recognition of the highest levels of safety in personal and business aviation. We fully vet operators prior to permitting them to fly our clients all around the world, including taking a look at their company insurances, aircraft airworthiness certificates, aircraft inspections and crew background checks as well as their standing with professional air charter safety auditors. This allows us to support the advancement of the highest safety standards available and ensure our clients are as informed as if they were communicating directly with the pilot.

We know that although it is our job as the brokerage agent to facilitate the communication between the client and the operator, that it is also the operator's responsibility to provide operational information, and it is their responsibility to mitigate risk and execute their plan. Which is why we exclusively collaborate with and utilize operators in the top of their field and who have a well-known appreciation and adherence to strict safety standards.

We also provide, at the client’s request, reports and certifications of the operators we use prior to the charter flight booking so that they know, they are in the best and most experienced hands in the industry.

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Argus & Wyvern Safety Ratings

Most operators Flex Air Charters works with have adopted and implemented either ARGUS or Wyvern Air Charter Safety Standards, participate in regulatory audits and are in good standing with the FAA or other governing agency depending on their country of origin.

Air Charter Safety Standard: IS-BAO

The International Standard of Business Aircraft Operations is a code of best practices and encompasses global aircraft charter standards. The IS-BAO was introduced by the International Business Aviation Council and has been endorsed by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) as well as multinational organizations worldwide. This standard has been widely recognized as the “gold standard” for air charter safety and operations globally, and is a mandatory practice of Flex Air Charters affiliate operators.
Executive Jet ChartersExecutive Jet Charters
  • Argus

    ARG/US is by far, the most well known of the air charter safety standards organizations and facilitates a broker program that promotes and addresses the implementation of standard safety practices within the business.

  • Gold

    Executive jet charters have over 5000 private or remote airports they can fly into whereas commercial airlines only have access to a few hundred.

  • Gold Plus

    The operator meets basic standards as well as has participated in an ARGUS audit or has received IS-BAO registration.

  • Platinum

    The operator meets basic standards, has either participated in an ARGUS audit or has received IS-BAO registration and have both a Safety Management System and an Emergency Response Plan in place.

  • Wyvern

    Wyvern, a well-known and respected entity in the charter industry, conducts strict audits to determine if a charter flight operator is “recommended” or not. This result is published in what is known as the PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey) report according to the Wyvern Wingman Standard.

FAA & The Air Charter Safety Foundation

Air Charter Safety Federal Aviation Administration Compliance

Executive Jet ChartersExecutive Jet Charters

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) grants a Part 135 certification to private jet operators that are permitted to fly commercially, including non-scheduled charter and air taxi operators and generally includes an audit of areas such as company safety policy; management and organizational competence; crew training; aircraft maintenance; aircraft loading; flight planning; and fuel planning. In addition, the FAA continuously oversees inspections throughout the year, base inspections annually, when adding a new aircraft to the certificate during a conformity inspection and semi-annually for pilot checks.

Flex Air Charters Partners with Many Air Charter Safety Foundation Members.

Versatility and comfort. The ACSF (Air Charter Safety Foundation) promotes safety standardization through industry audits influenced by leading safety auditors, charter operators, shared aircraft ownership companies and charter consumers.

Air Charter Flight Pilots & Crew

Flex Air Charters begins the selection process for aircraft, pilots and crewmembers by conducting its own rigorous series of measures and processes in a pre-screening to be part of our global network. This in depth selection ensures your jet charter is handled by reputable air carriers possessing an in depth knowledge of aircraft operator regulations and their SMS [Safety Management Systems]. This guarantees that you are presented with the appropriate charter solution and that the aircraft and operator are a good match.

Jet Charter Carbon Footprint

All operators that Flex Air Charters partners with are audited to determine their carbon footprint. We are in support of mitigating the effect that air travel has on the environment and hold our partners to a higher standard than is required globally. During our operator vetting process, we ensure they are certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Standard in an effort to reduce their GHG emissions.

Air Charter Safety Technology & Innovation

Air Charter Safety Technology & Innovation By implementing the latest in air charter safety technology, Flex Air Charters affiliate operators, have the ability to track flight trajectories in real time. Instilling incremental improvements and updates on a consistent basis guarantees your personal charter flight has already been mapped, your crew members have been analyzed for alertness based on circadian rhythms and many other factors, and your flight data is fully up to the minute. All of this along with the support of the FAA and it’s overhaul of the ATS, ensures you have the best flight, every time.

Jet Charter Daily Operations & Constant Monitoring

Flex Air Charters partners exclusively with agencies providing constant monitoring of safety risks including flight patterns, weather concerns, and handling preparedness in the event of a diversion. We understand the importance of having all parties involved, including our clients, aware of what air charter safety information is needed to ensure your charter flight takes off and arrives safely. Global conditions are monitored by FAA approved meteorologists and government agencies twenty-four hours a day and communicate either directly or indirectly with our team.

Flex Air Charters Privacy & Awareness

At Flex Air Charters, we ensure that we are prepared for every possible situation. Which is why we partner with medical evacuation and aid operators who are available to respond twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. We also pride ourselves on preparedness in worldwide geopolitics, partner with multiple public and private sources of intelligence including the NSA and other governing agencies worldwide. Flex Air Charters also provides in house security teams focused on our client’s data security, discretion and confidentiality.

Service & Maintenance in Accordance with Air Charter Safety

Flex Air Charters partners with airlines, accredited operators and FBOs who have a reliable fleet and strong partnerships with the aircraft manufacturers and continuously invest in newer aircraft. We ensure that all jets are secure at all times, have current and new warranties directly from manufacturers as well as are consistently audited and maintained for the utmost air charter safety. All maintenance is performed by FAA certified and licensed professionals with OEM parts and up to the standards of governing bodies in their country of origin. With each booking comes a report, if requested, that discusses the verification of the operator, aircraft and crew assigned your specific charter flight.

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