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Private Jet Charter: The Ultimate in Travel

Private jet charters are the wisest choice as a means of travel over traditional airlines. Chiefly because they deliver a level of exclusivity not found in the overcrowded cabin of a commercial, jet seating 200 travelers all recycling the same air. Additionally because private jet charters can deliver a few other advantages over commercial air travel, namely, timeliness, effectiveness, and luxury. As is the very nature of a charter, you are not simply securing a solitary seat on a flight that is beyond your control, chartered flights are essentially an oasis in the sky. The amenities, as well as the flight plan, are at the discretion of the individual or business who booked the flight.

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We put Private Jet Charters within your reach

Indulge in luxury travel on a private jet charter. Flex Air Charters can organize an exclusive travel experience for business pursuits or leisurely trips. Enjoy a personalized itinerary that caters to your specific travel needs.

Private Jet ChartersPrivate Jet Charters
Private Jet Charters

Private jet charters conserve time

There are seldom delays when it comes to travel on a private jet. Private jet charters do not typically have layovers nor are there baggage-loading delays or security lines one must stand around in removing and replacing one's belongings, jewelry and shoes. You can simply arrive at the private terminal, check in and board the plane immediately. You will not have to wait for your row and seat number to be called. You will never have to give up your seat to a representative of the airline.

Once you board you may be asked to remain seated for take-off and landing and if inclement conditions necessitate but otherwise you will be able to move about the cabin freely and relax while the plane is piloted to your desired destination.

Private Jet Interior

Private jets deliver in flight efficiency

Due to the accessibility of technology and the spacious accommodation in the boardroom, cabins and private bed and baths, travelers will indulge in a luxury unheard of in various other modes of transport. Comfortable cabin seating featuring pull-down tables, Wi-Fi accessibility and flat screens, deliver opportunities for busy professionals and senior executives to stay abreast of what is happening in the world around them. Travelers can put the technology at their disposal to use by checking out the NASDAQ composite index and develop a comparison analysis against what numbers the Dow Jones is reporting or perhaps take in an in-flight movie and relax prior to their big pitch to an important client.

VIP Private Jet Charter - Interior Cabin
VIP Private Jet Charter - Interior Cabin

Private jet charters deliver luxury

The luxury afforded clients traveling by private jet is not only applicable to their stunning interiors which, dependent upon the statement clients are looking to make, range from the upscale to the opulent, but also because they afford clients the chance to customize their in-flight experience. Amenities may be customized as well and may include chef-prepared meals or special accommodations for sensitive equipment or pets.

Private bedrooms and baths make transcontinental travel more convenient and stand up cabins provide room to move about for restless passengers who may have to travel for extended periods. Not to mention the impact arriving in a private jet makes on prospective business associates. The old adage implies you should dress for the job you want, we believe that extends to the way in which you accessorize, and a private jet speaks volumes over a Rolex and Ferragamos.

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Private jet charter questions and answers

  • What is the process to secure the hire of a private jet?

    It’s simple. Following you calling or enquiring online, an account manager will respond by collecting important details regarding what type of service you are interested in. They will then provide a detailed description of the options available to you including a complimentary price breakdown. Once you have made a selection, you can then reserve your flight time and your travel itinerary including information about the terminal from which you will depart will be sent to you. Feel free to contact your account manager at any time should you have additional questions regarding your flight.

  • What role does Flex Air Charters play in my private jet charter experience?

    Flex Air Charters agents will help you to determine what private jet facilitator is right for you. They will relay your information to the account manager that will be assigned to you and make certain your reservation is in place in accordance with what you are expecting to get out of your private jet experience. Flex Air Charters delivers a unique opportunity to our clients in that we have access to a hundreds of private jet facilitators located globally which means we can ensure that our clients are given access to the most advantageous providers based upon their particular interest in pursuing private jet rental.

  • How do I know what aircraft is right for my travel experience?

    Your account manager will help to provide details regarding the aircraft you will have to select from. If you are looking to fly on a specific type aircraft, make certain to relay this information to Flex Air Charters agents at the time of your initial consultation so that they can find an ideal operator who has that plane in their fleet.

  • What type items are permissible to bring on my flight?

    Generally speaking, it's to the pilot’s discretion what items may be carried along on your flight. You will want to disclose to Flex Air Charters agents what you are wishing to bring to see if specific licenses and documentation will be needed to allow those items on board your flight. Special accommodation may need to be made for pets or items like firearms.

  • Is there a weight limit regarding my luggage and carry on?

    Yes, however, it’s considerably more liberal than on commercial flights. Dependent upon the type of aircraft you chose, weight limitations will be taken into account to ensure the pilot can execute a safe flight. Inquire with Flex Air Charters agents about what is permissible before the day of your flight. Sports equipment and musical instruments as well as sensitive materials will potentially need additional space therefore it's important to address this at the time of your initial consultation.

VIP Private Jet ChartersVIP Private Jet Charters
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