Freight Forwarding Services

Stay in control throughout the entire shipping process

There are times in the freight forwarding process when the urgent need for specific parts; equipment or components require immediate delivery and perfect accuracy. In the unforeseen instance when large quantities or volumes of freight need to be accommodated, the most effective means of transportation is an air cargo charter. Flex Air Charters works with our network of local partners to arrange safe cargo transportation worldwide. When the clock is ticking, turn to our trusted air charter services for un-rivaled delivery speed and precision.

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The logistics of freight forwarding

We work alongside some of the world’s preeminent shipping companies, making it easy for us to source the perfect means of transportation to accommodate our client's needs. Be it in the delivery of a generator, or for the purpose of distributing automotive parts to multiple locations for a machinery upgrade, our partners operate an array of airplanes, helicopters, barges, ships and trucks to ensure accurate delivery in a timely manner.

Freight ForwardingFreight Forwarding
  • Urgent Delivery Shipments

    By utilizing a measured combination of land, sea, and air shipping routes, our Freight Forwarding team can quickly arrange safe transport and prompt delivery of all cargo, big or small.

  • Large Volume and Single Shipments

    No matter the size, Flex Air Charters can handle your shipment. From large shipments including entire movie sets, to a small batch release of a seasonal clothing line, we are here to help.

  • Dangerous Goods and Materials

    There are numerous regulations in place to ensure the safe handling and proper transportation of hazardous cargo. Everything from explosives and gases, to radioactive and corrosive substances, we can safely ship it.

  • Transport to Remote or Hostile Destinations

    We work alongside a number of international solutions providers to deliver global access to our executive clients without limiting their access to conducting business worldwide.

Industries we proudly Serve

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Oil & Gas

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Over-sized cargo - Freight Forwarding

Over-sized Cargo

Government - Freight Forwarding

Governments and NGOs

Relief - Freight Forwarding

Humanitarian Efforts

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