Air ambulance charters

Critical Care Transport via Air Ambulance

Air ambulance charters are a service that provides for a safe travel alternative for medically fragile or injured persons. These type charters are designed to alleviate the burden of moving critical care patients cross-country or globally. Personal flight managers will assess the situation and help to arrange the entire details specific to each patient's needs to ensure every eventuality or concern is attended to. They will use their knowledge in critical care flight services to determine which type of aircraft is most suitable for the situation, organize additional ground transport, and employ the use of a personalized medical team for in-flight services.

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How air ambulance charters work

Emphasis on time becomes critical when an injured person or persons need transport to an emergency facility or hospital. Specially trained critical care account managers will coordinate with on-site officials and hospital staff as well as in-flight teams regarding the patient's care aboard the aircraft and make arrangements for ambulatory services to meet the aircraft to avoid any delays in the patient receiving emergent medical assistance.

Air Ambulance ChartersAir Ambulance Charters

The type of aircraft used in each scenario is determined based on a case-by-case assessment. For critical care patients or medically fragile individuals, coordinators will typically reserve the services of a fixed-wing aircraft outfitted with ICU level capabilities, room for a bed or stretcher to be secured and comfortable seating to ensure a family member can remain at their loved one’s side.

In the event of an evacuation or transport following an accident, an emergency services equipped helicopter or fixed wing aircraft will be deployed to ensure the swiftest transport to hospitals or facilities to avoid wasting precious time.

Should clients need transport for non-emergent situations as in the conveyance of an elderly person, an individual dependent upon oxygen or wheelchair bound individual who are uncomfortable flying commercial, we can arrange a flight in accordance with their needs as well. These type flights may require the employ of a fixed wing aircraft with suitable entryway or wheelchair accessible ramp. Speak with a representative to hear all of the air ambulance charter options available to you via air ambulance charter services.

We have access to critical care transport carriers who have aircraft available 24 hours a day to attend to your needs.
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Air Ambulance ChartersAir Ambulance Charters

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