Government air charters

Travel in Ultimate Diplomatic Luxury and Privacy

Besides the numerous industries, corporations and individuals we have had the privilege of arranging charter flights for in the private sector, Flex Air Charters has experience in the coordination of government-related air charters as well. From specific departmental contracts to assisting in the arrangement of itineraries for NGOs, we can arrange transportation for and deliver travel alternatives to anywhere in the world. This includes but is not limited to tours in an effort to affect diplomacy, organizing the logistical conveyance of relief workers and personnel, even in the evacuation or repatriation of peoples on a domestic or global scale. In the event it is necessary, we may be able to assist in the obtaining of overflight permits, landing permits, necessary clearances for our clients in relation to government air charters.

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Popular Government Air Charter options

Humanitarian Aid - Government Air Charters

Humanitarian aid

Repatriation Flights - Government Air Charters

Repatriation flights

Search and Rescue - Government Air Charters

Search & Rescue

Medevac - Government Air Charters

Medevac/emergency response

Research - Government Air Charters

Fact finding & research missions

Evacuation - Government Air Charters

Evacuation charters

Aircraft utilized for Government Air Charters

Helicopters - Government Air Charters

Helicopters and private jets

Utilized as official transport of heads of state and politicos, and in relief humanitarian missions.

Executive Jets - Government Air Charters

Executive Jet airliners

For the transport of official entourages, press crews, campaign workers, relief workers and clinical staff.

Heavy Cargo - Government Air Charters

Heavy Cargo Aircraft

To safely and securely convey supplies in large volumes, vehicles or various other types of equipment.

Government Air Charters can be available to depart in less than 2 hours and flights and maneuvers will be conducted with the utmost discretion in a safe and secure aircraft. Clients can rest assured that when they are in need of a rapid response government air charter that delivers comfort, security and privacy, they can place their confidence in Flex Air Charters to organize it to perfection.

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