Empty Leg Flights

Take advantage of Empty Leg Flights for Big Savings

Empty leg charters, or flights, are a one-way flight, which is the result of an aircraft traveling sans passengers to re position for a flight or returns to home base. Empty leg flights allow for the passage on the flight to be purchased at a discount because the full cost of the flight itself has already been absorbed. The only caveat to an empty leg flight is that you will have to be flexible regarding travel times, as they tend to fluctuate considerably.

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How the Empty leg process works

Empty Leg FlightsEmpty Leg Flights

Due to the constant fluctuation in scheduling for empty leg flights, generally speaking, they are not the type of charter most recommended for business travelers who have an already tightly packed calendar. However, if you happen to be needing a flight to a destination and can somewhat go with the flow, these flights can at times be purchased at discounts up to 75 percent off the original price point of the flight and are therefore extremely beneficial to businesses and professionals who operate under a more lackadaisical approach.

Misconceptions regarding an empty leg flight are that often times the flights are strictly between the same departing and arriving airport, however as Flex Air Charters partners with a number of nationally and internationally located service providers, we can arrange empty leg flights for almost any destination, even on a global scale. If we cannot locate an empty leg flight to your desired destination, consider opting for a one-way charter, which is extremely similar with the exception of a couple of variables. One ways are not always offered at the exact same locations nor are they possessing of the same deep discount price as an empty leg but they are a suitable more cost-effective option than a traditional charter flight regardless.

What to expect with an Empty Leg Charter

Empty Leg Flights
  • Accessibility:

    Executive jet charters have over 5000 private or remote airports they can fly into whereas commercial airlines only have access to a few hundred.

  • Private Suites and Terminals:

    No standing waiting to check bags and avoid pat-downs by security agents, you simply arrive at the terminal, are checked in without waiting and board the plane immediately.

  • Speed and Comfort:

    Comfortable seating, spacious interiors and unprecedented speed make for a pleasant journey to desired destinations.

  • Privacy and Security:

    We take our clients need for privacy and discretion seriously. Aircraft are outfitted with exclusive amenities that allow for the utmost in discretion for individuals or sensitive materials, not to mention the extra security delivered via specific type aircraft’s exterior armor.

  • Global Travel Options:

    We work alongside a number of international solutions providers to deliver global access to our executive clients without limiting their access to conducting business in every corner of the world.

  • Cost Efficiency:

    Our credibility and knowledge of the industry deliver access to a wide range of service providers, which affords our agents the chance to find the most appropriate, and economic flight options for our clientele.

  • Choice of Aircraft:

    Due to the extensive network of service providers, each possessing of an impressive fleet of aircraft, agents will have no difficulty sourcing an ideal aircraft type to satisfy the client’s executive travel need.

  • Up to the Minute Itineraries:

    A catalog of current empty leg flights are published and regularly updated by our partners for our agents to be able to locate an ideal time for you to arrange travel to your desired destination.

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