Aircraft Management Solutions

Maximize your aircraft's profit potential

Flex Air Charters has curated a range of aircraft management solutions contrived in such a way as to maximize the client’s investment. Whether investors/owners are individuals, corporations or conglomerates, the addition and implementation of a carefully crafted aircraft management program delivers the benefits of aircraft ownership yet alleviates the day to day responsibilities attributed to maintenance and the sourcing of additional lines of revenue. Complete transparency is provided in the pricing of the aircraft management solutions that have been created. In addition, clients are offered the chance to customize a management plan in accordance with their specific requirements at price points that are competitive yet fair.

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14 CFR Part 91

Aircraft management program Part 91 is crafted to adhere to your specific aircraft and operational requisites. This program allows clients to enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 flight operations allows for versatility in the scheduling of flights

  • Maintenance planning and management hyper-focused on minimal downtime

  • Professional coordination of
    flight itinerary planning and scheduling

  • Comprehensive crew management and training

  • Discounts on parts, services and insurance via an extensive vendor network

  • Full accounting transparency and reporting

Aircraft Management SolutionsAircraft Management Solutions

14 CFR Part 135

Management program Part 135 is an ideal option for maximizing the value of your aircraft. Clients can increase their return on the purchase of their aircraft by utilizing the value of an expert sales and marketing force to make your aircraft, when not being used by yourself or corporation or partners for air charter services. Making the addition of your investment to a charter certificate will provide a lucrative source of revenue to offset costs. It's at your discretion when and where your aircraft is available for air charter services. The Part 135 program consists of the following:

  • Expert charter sales support staff working for you 24/7

  • Innovative marketing promotions

  • Unlimited access to an extensive network of contacts

  • Inclusion in charter special promotions

  • Crew management and maintenance assistance

A combination of both programs

Customized management plans may be organized to include the nest of both Parts 91 and 135 plans offering clients experienced professional aircraft management, maintenance and additionally the opportunity to source supplemental revenue opportunities. Additionally, aircraft management programs allow for all participants to receive fuel discounts, operational and scheduling support, concierge services, maintenance, and financial reporting, and more.

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