Jet Card vs Charters

Which service is right for you?

If you have developed a taste for the opulence that private charters provide, you may have begun to do some research on different options in payments and services to enhance your experience and make it much more convenient and cost effective. One of the most popular choices, other than traditional air charters, are jet card services. Flex Air Charters offers two exclusive options in reserving your flight using one of our jet cards although both deliver benefits that you may not receive with on-demand charters. But is using a jet card right for you or should you stick with a typical private charter? When the choice is jet card vs charters, which one wins out?

In general, private charters and jet cards have similar options. You still receive expert advice and itinerary planning through our professional charter team, you will have prime time flight scheduling, ease of access through TSA and have options in car services and tailored amenities on-board. But the big differences between the two lie in what they will be used for and over all convenience. Before choosing a jet card or air charter option we highly recommend determining how often you fly and which one would best fit your schedule, although both have been found to be the most economical options for travelers who fly more than once per year.

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Flex Air Charters' Jet Card Benefits

Jet Card vs Charters
Jet Card Services VS Air Charter Services

With Flex Air Charters' convenient jet card options, you will have benefits such as guaranteed jet availability, access to newer model aircraft, a guaranteed flight cost as well as the traditional benefits of having pilots and crew trained in the highest levels of safety and luxury amenities.

Our jet cards provide our clients with a consistency and convenience whether they are traveling one way or round trip. With the premium access our cards provide, you will have no deadhead or repositioning fees, all fees included in your price and the convenience of knowing ahead of time how much the flight will cost. You simply purchase blocks of time to use at your convenience and we will deduct the total from your balance. You will also automatically have the option to schedule additional concierge services including some exclusive to our card holders.

One of the greatest benefits of being a card holder is that you do not have any additional responsibility to the aircraft, no additional fees and will not have to handle the depreciation of the aircraft which is something you may experience in ownership.

You will also have the option to upgrade or downgrade your flight options as well. While each card and each need is different, our jet cards will provide you with the convenience you need with the added benefits that typically are only offered to those leasing or owning their own aircraft. Jet cards may be sold for 25+ hours with additional hours billed at 5 hour increments. By paying this flat rate you avoid additional hourly costs by having a flat hourly rate for either a specific aircraft or open fleet.

The bottom line

Jet cards offer flexibility, but with the advantage of knowing precisely what aircraft you will be taking, what crew you will have and without the risk of not having the aircraft you need when you initially book. These flexible options are available regardless of high or low demand days. There is no additional need to go through the process of transferring funds or reviewing your aircraft and crew options. Flex Air Charters also will keep track of your preferences to assist you in making easy reservations in the future.

Jet Card vs ChartersJet Card Services VS Air Charter Services

Flex Air Charters' Benefits

Air charters are generally the most cost-effective option for travelers who only fly a few times, or just once, per year. You will have a choice of aircraft based on availability and no wait time when it comes to scheduling. Flex Air Charters utilizes its international network of operators to find the right flight for you and at the right cost. While the price to charter an aircraft does vary based on location, flight time and aircraft, you are guaranteed a convenience above commercial flight that makes this option the most ideal.

One of the greatest factors about air charters is the flexibility in which you will have to schedule your flight. No matter what location you need to go to or where you need to be picked up, we have an operator close by who can deliver you to the most remote locations as well. Your pricing will be quoted based on an hourly rate and any additional fees will be included such as repositioning fees. You also have the benefit of no long term commitments or responsibilities and the same luxury options available to fractional owners and lessees. For travelers who fly less than 10 hours per year this is the most economical and convenient option.

The bottom line

With air charter services, you will have the most choices in terms of preferred aircraft and FBOs. This is the most cost-effective option for those flying a minimal amount of hours per year, and who do not wish to pay for their costs upfront. While we cannot guarantee availability of an aircraft near you, we can reposition any of the thousands of aircraft in our preferred vendor network to your location of choice. We also will keep track of your flight time and will present additional options to you in the event that they may be more optimal for your travel.
Jet Card Services VS Air Charter Services

Jet Card vs Charters: Which choice is best for you?


Pay as you go.

Low market rates.

Rates Can Vary.

Repositioning Fees Included.

Deadhead Fees Included.

Limited Aircraft Selection.

No Blackout Dates.

No Guarantees of Aircraft or Crew.


Scheduling Flexibility.

Choice of Aircraft.

No Long-Term Fees.

No Large Investments.

Remote Destination Access.

Tailored Options.

Affordable Prices.

Jet Cards


Access to Better Aircraft & Upgrades.

Consistent Availability.

Fixed Rates for up to one year.

No deadhead fees.

No Repositioning fees.

Longer Notice Time in Peak Season.

Exclusive Benefits.

Guaranteed Aircraft & Crew with Notice.

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Jet Card Services VS Air Charter Services

Jet Card vs Charters: Which choice is best for you?

In determining which option is best for you, Flex Air Charters' consultants may discuss how often you travel and what flexibility you would like. If you travel more than 10 hours per year, we recommend our Jet Card option as it gives you the flexibility you need at a set cost with many benefits in relation to aircraft type, discounts and availability. However, if you only fly once or twice a year it may be more economical for you to simply charter an aircraft for those times specifically. We know every client is different as well as every situation and need, however, all of our clients are given expert one-on-one care by our representatives. We want you to choose which option best serves you, not the other way around and will provide all of the information you need to make an educated decision. All flights are scheduled in luxury aircraft that can take you nearly anywhere you want to go world wide. Additional amenities or tailored options are available for both our jet card clients as well as our on-demand charter clients.

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