Reserve Multiple Flights with Block Charters

Due to the expansive nature of the network of service providers, we reserve charters for; we are in a unique position to offer our clients customized travel options that suit their particular needs. Clients may prefer to reserve charters on a flight-to-flight basis, or may elect to secure a block time agreement that ensures they receive a series of chartered flights.

Block charters are an advantage for clients who frequently reserve charters because clients can leverage their buying power with minimal expense to their business or corporation. When clients elect to purchase a series of charters or block charter, the general process goes something like this: Clients pre-pay for blocks of time, as their flights or hours are used; the time is credited against the block or series charter initial deposit. The initial deposit reflects a discounted fixed rate that the charters were billed at as opposed to whatever the current market rate is for the day or time of the charter.

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Advantages of Block Rate Charters

Block rate or series charters are most advantageous to those working within the touring and travel reservation industries, airlines looking to lease entire aircraft, and any type of group charter that will see a series of flights within a season e.g. music tours, road or trade shows in multiple cities, sports related events, games and roads to national championships.
Block Rate Air ChartersBlock Rate Air Charters
Dependent upon the service provider facilitating the charters, participating clients may receive the following advantages:
Round the clock flight support services and access to account managers
Ability to fully customize your flight schedule based on your requirements
An array of aircraft available anytime throughout the season to accommodate any size group or charter type.
Aircraft will not be subject to availability, there will always be a charter plane when you need it.
There are no long-term commitments, when the deposit is depleted, the contract ends.

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Advantages of securing block rate charters with us

  • Accessibility

    Executive jet charters have over 5000 private or remote airports they can fly into whereas commercial airlines only have access to a few hundred.

  • Private Suites and Terminals

    No standing waiting to check bags and avoid pat-downs by security agents, you simply arrive at the terminal, are checked in without waiting and board the plane immediately.

  • Luxury and Comfort

    Blocks of time are sold at a fixed rate, which is exceedingly less costly than typical charter rates; furthermore, the price of each subsequent flight is not subject to fluctuating market values.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Blocks of time are sold at a fixed rate which is exceedingly less costly than typical charter rates, furthermore the price of each subsequent flight isn't subject to fluctuating market values.

  • Privacy and Security

    We take our clients need for privacy and discretion seriously. Aircraft are outfitted with exclusive amenities that allow for the utmost in discretion for individuals or sensitive materials, not to mention the extra security delivered via specific type aircraft’s exterior armor.

  • Customized Itinerary

    You create your flight plan and we fly according to your schedule and make the necessary preparations should your travel plans need to change.

  • Global Travel Options

    We work alongside a number of international solutions providers to deliver global access to our executive clients without limiting their access to conducting business in every corner of the world.

  • Aircraft Availability

    When the demands exceed availability, travelers are often left without traveling in the aircraft or charter type they want, however, when you purchase block rate charters, a reasonable sized aircraft is always at your disposal.

Block time agreements terms and conditions apply. Inquire with representatives regarding the specific limitations pursuant to the service provider you have selected. Some providers will sell their block charters in specific increments; others will allow clients to select a deposit amount. Some will have the same crew on each charter. It is at the discretion of individual service providers and how their programs are structured.
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