On-Board Courier

On-Board Courier - Time-Critical Shipments

On-Board Courier Service: Securely transport valuable or time-sensitive cargo via reliable and professional hand carry courier charter.

When it comes to trusting someone with your valuable shipment it all comes down to the professionalism and experience of the on board courier (OBC) company. While most would choose to have their shipments delivered via a mainstream shipping company, there are some instances where having your shipment hand delivered is the only option. In cases where you are having a vital organ delivered, or prototypes and important, time-critical documents, you want to have the most guaranteed and time efficient transport possible.

This is where the OBC service by Flex Air Charters becomes critical. While most cargo charters and shipping companies can deliver your goods to your doorstep within a few short hours or days, you have no idea what will happen to your shipment while it is on its way to you. With a hand carry courier service orchestrated by Flex Air Charters, you have the peace of mind knowing that your valuable deliverables are in the best of hands and are taken care of for the entirety of their shipping course to you.

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Why choose a On-Board Courier service?

On-Board CourierOn-Board Courier
  • Faster Response and Delivery:

    By only utilizing experienced onboard couriers, Flex Air Charters guarantees that they have passed a rigorous pre-qualification including obtaining required documents and visas for countries all over the world. This ensures that your vital cargo doesn’t have to pass through many hands to get to you and can be delivered from point A to B without delay.

  • Hand-Carried and Secure Transport:

    After passing prequalifications, your courier is an expert at handling and delivering the types and kinds of shipment you are transporting. This gives you the benefit of knowing that your hand courier knows precisely how to handle with care, your valuables.

  • Tracking and Consistent Updates:

    OBC’s are given the tools to provide constant and consistent updates when needed so that your shipment never leaves your virtual sight. This eliminates the feelings of being in the dark about who with and where your shipment is.

  • Controlled Delivery Environment:

    Whether you need a cooler climate environment for hazardous or medical transport, or need a drier cabin to ensure that important prototype has no environmental effect on the materials used to produce it, your delivery is entirely controlled and monitored by our experienced OBC representatives.

  • Customs and Regulation Compliance:

    Flex Air Charters utilizes its professional and experienced knowledge of international transport regulations to ensure your valuable shipment is within parameters of customs and shipment laws in the source state of delivery as well as the arrival location.

  • Convenient Pricing:

    You will be given multiple options for how your shipment will be priced given specific variables such as aircraft, time-sensitivity and additional provisions for your shipment handling. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your on board courier package to fit your budget and time constraints.

On-Board Courier

On-Board Courier

How We Choose the Right Flight, Right On-Board Courier and Right Time Frame to Guarantee Your Delivery

Flex Air Charters can arrange travel for groups and organizations with a large number of travelers, call 1-888-722-0776 to hear more about how the number of travelers affects pricing.

  • Once a phone call is placed to one of our professional on-board courier agents, we will locate the precise flights for you to choose from that guarantee your delivery date and coincide with your preferred budget. We will then present these options to you and you will be permitted to make a selection based on your specific needs. At this time, you will also be asked specific questions about your cargo that will allow us to select the right courier for you and the right aircraft to ensure that your cargo needs are handled correctly. For example, if you are flying a large prototype that will need much more space, we may suggest an airline that has a larger carry-on capacity policy.

  • An experienced hand carry courier, also affectionately known as an “air mule”, will then be contacted and assigned your shipment, given the logistics in terms of flight and a hand delivery will be scheduled. You will have the option to either have us orchestrate the transfer by scheduling a car service to take the courier to the place of pick up prior to going to the airport, or to have a representative meet the courier at the departing airport with the cargo to be delivered.

  • Your hand courier will then be given any additional instructions in terms of handling the cargo, such as in the case of delivering hazardous or climate sensitive materials, and make their way to security and boarding of the flight.

  • During this time, you will be given up to date communication on where your cargo is, in what state and overall time updates. This gives you the opportunity to know precisely what time frame to rely on for your cargo, rather than have to go blindly by tracking information online.

  • Once your courier has arrived at the destination airport, you will be given another update. We can schedule and make reservations for ground transport of your cargo to the final stop, or you can simply have a representative meet your OBC at the airport.

Why Choose Flex Air Charters for Your Hand Carry/ On-Board Courier Service?

  • Professional and Qualified On-Board Courier Pool

    By utilizing only the most experienced and pre-qualified hand carry couriers worldwide, we can guarantee that your precious cargo is in the safest and secure hands.

  • Access to More Locations Throughout the World

    We work with locations all throughout the country as well as internationally to guarantee a pick-up and delivery location within close proximity to the delivery site for your convenience.

  • Cost efficiency

    Our vast network of professional connections allows us to locate and reserve the best prices for you with the ability to choose which price best serves your budget.

  • Personalized Service

    From the first phone call to the safe delivery of your cargo, you will be given a personal representative to speak with for updates, questions, and concerns throughout the entire shipment of your valuables.

  • Frequent Flyers

    We work with professional and experienced on-board couriers all with frequent flyer status that works for your benefit in providing priority boarding, the departure of the aircraft as well as late check-in for last minute changes and discounted seat reservations.

  • Consistent Updates and Delivery Guarantee

    By having the freedom to know precisely when and where your shipment is departing from and consistent updates from your onboard courier, you stay informed and in control of your shipment process. By only utilizing experienced couriers, you also have the guarantee that these professionals have visas, passports and any other needed paperwork to deliver your items with little to no notice.

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