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Your time is valuable and the representatives at Flex Air Charters recognize this. We pride ourselves on making your air charter flights as seamless and easy to manage as possible. By taking the time to repetitively train and teach our staff in the ever-changing process of charter brokerage, we can provide you with the best charter flight services in the market.

Flex Air Charters makes our priority our client’s priorities when it comes to air travel. We are a full service on-demand air charter flight and aircraft management company. With us, all you need to make is one call. We are known for our fast response time and our phones are operated 24/7, 365 days a year. We keep our information up-to-date, each charter is monitored closely, and all appropriate updates are reported to you so you can provide the feedback, which we use to maintain our exceptionally high standards.

Flex Air Charters provides access to a worldwide private aviation infrastructure along with access to global aviation resources through agreements with professional air charter operators. We provide on-demand air charter and private jet solutions for corporations, government agencies and individuals. A dedicated, highly experienced charter flight manager consults every client. These individuals have experience with a wide-range of different aircraft types and can provide the perfect solution quickly and effectively, every time.

We are proudly involved in rescue, emergency relief and humanitarian efforts worldwide and are subject to the most rigorous requirements in safety and operational standards. The FAA has approved our affiliate’s inspection program, and regularly review the maintenance they perform on their fleet. Whether you are a charter novice or a private jet pro, and whether you travel for business or pleasure, our mission is to provide the highest level of personal service in helping you find the information you need in air charter flight transportation

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Why Choose Us To Handle All Of Your Air Charter Flights

Air Charter FlightsAir Charter Flights
Access to the Right Aircraft
Whether you are traveling alone, with a group, for business, or simply need something shipped, you have access to the largest available fleet of aircraft worldwide. Simply tell us what you are looking for.
Upfront-Free Quotes
Never worry about additional fees, being charged extra to speak to a representative or not knowing how much you will pay by the end of your trip. We offer free jet charter quotes as well as will break down additional expenses should something change with your itinerary, even in midflight!
Easy Trip Management
From your initial phone call and quote request to landing, we will streamline and simplify each step of your charter flight. If you have changes in schedule, amenities or additional services, we will handle this with ease and have your itinerary changed post haste.
Getting the Best Price
From the type of aircraft, stops, in-flight customizations and additional ground transportation, we will find the right schedule for you to not only accommodate every need but also be within your set budget.
Customizable Amenities
Do you need special catering/diet accommodations? Want to bring along your pet or advertise your business with jet charter marketing? We can handle all of this and more, simply let us know what you would like included and we will deliver.
World-Wide Destinations
By providing reservations for air charter flights all across the world and having access to thousands of models of aircraft, we can fly you nearly anywhere, including remote locations.
24/7/365 Dedication
We can provide you with point-to-point service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our expertise in jet charter operations allows us to get you to the right agent to answer any question you may have and assist you on every step of the process.
Door-to-Door and On-Ground Service
We not only offer exclusive air charters to individuals and groups, but also ground transportation for door-to-door service, so your travels are nonstop and seamless every time.

Private Jet Charter Options


Jet Card Membership

Flex Air Charters' jet cards are specifically designed for those who want the most flexibility with their private travel. Jet cards benefit those that travel by private aircraft frequently as well as occasionally and both platinum and black card options are catered to either traveler. General benefits include:
Short notice flights available
Exclusive concierge service options
Latest model aircraft
Upgrade & downgrade easily for last minute changes
No empty-leg or repositioning fees
No long term contracts & management fees
Lower fixed hourly rates & minimum flight hours
Supplemental flights for owners & fractional owners
Access during peak periods & advanced reservations
All costs bundled into one payment
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On-Demand Jet Charters

For those simply needing to schedule a single charter or service, then we recommend on-demand charter scheduling. This option provides you with convenience and simple scheduling as well as the following benefits:
Simple scheduling & payment
Thousands of aircraft options
Pay as you go convenience
Short trips to supplement fractional ownership accounts and jet cards
Easy scheduling adjustments
No contracts, acquisition & management fees
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