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Flex Air Charters reserves private air charter services for clientele including business executives, heads of state, representatives working within the music or entertainment industry and VIPs. When it comes to comfort and convenience private air charters offer a level of opulence rarely achieved in commercial aviation. Which is why we take pride in organizing an array of private air charter services for our clients.

We provide an all inclusive approach to our reservations that give individuals the opportunity to truly enjoy their flights from takeoff to landing. By chartering an aircraft, you are not simply reserving a seat on a crowded airplane, you have the entire aircraft at your disposal. Private air charters provide the ability to travel on your terms, when you want, where you want and with an unlimited assortment of tailored options at your fingertips to add to your flight.

All it takes is one call to start the reservation process. We simply need to know where you wish to go and when you would like to depart to accommodate your travel itinerary.

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Air charter options

The array of private air charter options we arrange for you are not limited to a singular type of air charter. The type of aircraft and executive service that is required is customized to meet your specific needs. Read on to learn more about the variety of private air charters available for you to select from.

Private Air Charter OptionsPrivate Air Charter Options
Private Jet Charters

Private Jet Charter

Private jet charters may be arranged for the purpose of business or leisure. Both feature the luxury of an expansive cabin for single travelers or those traveling in groups to indulge in the comfortable interiors and generous legroom afforded on a private charter. Further, both allow for speedier check-in and the accessibility only a private terminal can provide.

Business Jet Charters

Business Jets

Business jet charters are the apex at which commercial aviation and private jet charters meet. These large executive aircraft bring together the opulence of private jet travel and the technological advancements to allow for business to be conducted per the usual despite being airborne.

Air Taxi Charters

Air Taxi

Air taxis or air cabs, are the most effective means of short-term travel. These types of private air charters may be arranged for a number of aircraft, fixed wing, and helicopters. As was discussed previously, helicopters have numerous attributes that make their ease of use advantageous to executive travelers. The same may be said for air taxis that are conducted in planes.

Air Ambulance Charters

Air Ambulance

Air ambulance charters are intended to be used for critically ill patients and injured parties in need of simple transport or evacuation. The flights are conducted in aircraft that are not only speedy but additionally possessing the room and adaptability for medical personnel to attend to the traveler's needs while in flight.

Helicopter Charters
Helicopter Charters

Helicopter Charter

There is no form of travel more versatile than private helicopter charter. The nature of the helicopter itself is a large part of what makes helicopter travel so convenient. This is especially true in the case of point-to-point (P2P) transport. Helicopter transport is an ideal means of travel for the busy senior executive.

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Empty Leg Charters

Sometimes Flex Air Charters has one-way private jet charters that are returning to its base or is continuing on to another destination while empty.  These are known as ‘empty leg' flights, or 'deadhead' flights.  Often times, these empty leg flights are available at savings of up to 75% of the cost of a regular charter.  While not as flexible as a regular air charter, if you can meet the schedule of the empty leg charter, you can save a ton of money.  Make sure to ask one of our air charter experts about empty leg availability!

VIP Private Air ChartersVIP Private Air Charters

We are the Private Air Charter Experts

Our clients have expressed that they prefer private air charters over commercial travel because private air charters save them not only time, and in the long term money, but they also like to travel in a luxury they have grown accustomed to. Private air charters provide a level of exclusiveness one cannot achieve on an overcrowded commercial flight. The roomy and luxurious interiors, as well as access to technology, make business flights more functional than not, and for leisure travel, you can't beat the level of privacy and discretion an air charter allows for.

Professional charter representatives are available seven days a week to discuss your private air charter needs and start the reservation process for you.

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