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Group Charter Flights Arranged by the Best

Organizing travel for large groups can be challenging to say the least. By taking advantage of the number of air charter solutions available to clients through Flex Air Charters, travelers can make group travel plans that are expertly managed, safe, efficient and cost-effective.

Flex Air Charters specializes in on-demand group charter flights arranged in accordance with the specific needs of corporations and organizations. So, if you need to make travel arrangements for groups in small numbers or even on a grander scale, we can help to deliver access to expert operators and the most appropriate aircraft available.

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Group Charter Options

Group Charters can be arranged by account specialist for the following:
Group Charter Flights
Personnel Logistics

Personnel logistics, and incentive travel

Flex Air Charters partners with service providers who deliver effective travel alternatives for transporting workforces to remote destinations or offshore job sites, and in arranging transport for associates on executive charters to meetings, symposiums and conferences.

VIP Air Charters

Transport for VIPs

Safe, discreet and secure transport can be arranged with luxury private jet charters to the destination of the travelers choice.

Emergency Response Charters

Emergency response

Air ambulance and emergency response charters can be arranged to offer assistance following natural disasters, accidents or in the case where a mass evacuation is necessitated.

Special Event Charters

Specialty Events

We can reserve charters for groups of individuals based on special interests or centered around specific events.

Entertainment Tour Charters

Live entertainment touring and roadshows

We can arrange on demand point to point transport or a series of charters to accommodate a tour group. Amenities may include the conveyance of equipment, instruments, and gear to be transported safely and securely.

Sports Team Charters

Sports organization and team travel

We can assist team managers in travel arrangement for single travelers as well as make comfortable quality accommodation for an entire team to travel to press junkets, charity events, social functions, and games.

Flex Air Charters can arrange travel for groups and organizations with a large number of travelers, call to hear more about how the number of travelers affects pricing

Perks of choosing a group charter

  • Groups and Organizations May Customize Their Travel Itinerary:

    The departure time, departure and destination airports and in-flight amenities and services are at the group’s discretion.

  • Access to a knowledgeable flight coordinator:

    Personal account managers will plan the details of your group charter including making arrangements for ground transport and discuss and implement upgrades so as to ensure equipment is converted safely and securely.

  • Fly anywhere and everywhere:

    Practically unlimited access to a number of destinations into which group charters may fly non stop into, no matter how remote or off the beaten path even on a global scale.

  • Private and timely check-in:

    Depart from or arrive at private terminals and avoid long security lines, pat downs, and waiting for your luggage at baggage claim.

  • Enhanced level of security:

    Securely modified aircraft and trained professional flight staff, as well as access to a number of private airports, make safe, secure and discreet travel for groups or organizations simpler than ever before.

  • Customized interiors:

    Some partners may have options to design or modify interiors in accordance with a particular corporate brand or theme. Contact agents to hear more regarding this option.

Flex Air Charters representatives and service providers look forward to coordinating your group, or organization’s travel needs through luxury air charters.

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