Private Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Purchasing & Selling Private Aircraft

Whether you are in the market for a new aircraft or wish to sell yours, we have a multitude of affiliates in the new aircraft manufacturing industry as well as agents who are constantly monitoring and acquiring potential buyers for pre-owned private aircraft sales to assist you. This allows us to offer a range of solutions for your aircraft investment on the market.

Our process is truly what differentiates us from other companies, as we provide the most in-depth evaluations that either deliver the most savings on luxury private aircraft or the most gains in marketing your aircraft for sale. We provide an experienced eye when researching pricing and negotiation tactics, safety analysis, financing and regulatory interpretations that help you to make the most out of your aircraft transactions. In essence, we make and save you more money. By operating in nearly every facet of general aviation- private charters, aircraft management, leasing, sales and pilot training- you could say, we have the largest web of marketplace access than any other firm.

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Private Aircraft Purchases

Purchasing a private aircraft is a major decision; it is a large financial choice as well as an emotional investment. Flex Air Charters assists both individuals and corporations with their aircraft investments by providing an experienced aircraft sales and acquisition team. These exceptional individuals are considered some of the top analysts and researchers in their fields with complete knowledge of private aircraft including Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Beechcraft, Cessna and many other large and small cabin aircraft. This team supports and educates clients on a multitude of decisions that accompany every step of the process when acquiring an aircraft.

By being in business for many years, we have built a reputation and can afford to transact exclusively in the most luxurious new and pre-owned private aircraft. Our numerous connections globally provide us the benefit of knowing which aircraft will be on sale before they are listed which, in turn, enables you the same benefit of being in an advantageous position to seize those opportunities.

Private Aircraft PurchasingPrivate Aircraft Purchasing

How can Flex Air Charters assist you in private aircraft investment?

1We will begin by examining your strategic business or personal objectives. How, when and where you travel and what role private aviation can play in your life either in being more productive and profitable or being more convenient for you.
2Based on our initial conversations and what your personal requests are we will begin research on private jets, turboprop and single engine aircraft for sale by brokers, dealers, and private sellers worldwide.
3We will help you look at the financials associated with each aircraft. This will include considerations for costs associated with inspections, service and maintenance, staffing, as well as the projected resale value should you choose to upgrade or sell the aircraft in the future.
4No detail is left unturned and while lengthy, this process enables you to make informed decisions pursuant to your aviation objectives including securing the best price, delivery logistics, as well as facilitating the completion of new “green” aircraft and its management thereafter.
5Whether you are purchasing a new aircraft or pre-owned, you will also have the ability to schedule with us supplemental lift options including but not limited to: private charters and shared (fractional) ownership to increase the benefits of private air travel at the lowest cost, yet without sacrificing comfort, productivity or security.
6We have a wide network of partnerships ensuring we can assist with any operations, financing, legal representation, exporting, tax planning, crew staffing, interior completion or aircraft management. Flex Air Charters has a solution for any potential buyer, whether this is your first or tenth private aircraft purchase!

Private Aircraft Sales

With the growth of the economy and small businesses becoming larger, the private charter and ownership markets are growing exponentially. Take advantage of this growth with a private aircraft sale. Flex Air Charters recognizes the need for assistance when listing your aircraft in a market where individuals and some businesses may be taken advantage. Should they go into a transaction uninformed of the plethora of ways in which they can maximize their returns on their investments; they may be unaware that they are not gaining what they should. This is where the experienced private aircraft sales department can assist you.

We recognize the market changes that can affect the sale of a private aircraft, jet, turboprop, rotary wing and otherwise. Commercial flying has become increasingly uncomfortable and it may come as a surprise that private jet passengers are comprised predominantly by middle management. So what would this mean for you and your aircraft transaction? This means that it is now much easier to sell your aircraft, with more interest in the private charter market due to commercial inconvenience as well as an increase in the number of potential buyers, not just those in the one percent income bracket.

By partnering with Flex Air Charters for your private aircraft sale, you will have the opportunity to capitalize on our worldwide reach of potential buyers (individuals and corporations) and local contacts. We will utilize this audience to showcase your aircraft giving you the peace of mind in knowing that a knowledgeable and experienced company who will maximize your aircraft’s value is managing your sale.

Private Aircraft SalesPrivate Aircraft Sales

Flex Air Charters Business Aviation Advantage

We have the local market data and expertise to ensure seamless and optimum transactions for our clients. Our expertise comes from years of having a larger interaction with every facet of the industry. From aircraft sales and acquisitions to aircraft investments, pilot training and the scheduling of private charters, our knowledge runs the gamut of business aviation solutions. Put us to work for you and watch as we grow your investment from the ground up.
  • Pay the Right Price

    Market research and comparisons to guarantee you get the best price for new and used private aircraft, whether you are completing a private aircraft sale or purchase.

  • Inspections

    We will also schedule a complete inspection and certification of your aircraft for sale or any aircraft you are interested in purchasing including but not limited to Specifications, history, delivery logistics as well as global marketing for sellers.

  • Marketing Techniques

    For those interested in private aircraft sales, we provide tried and true marketing techniques in representing your aircraft worldwide, utilizing standard and internet advertising outlets to reach the widest buyer pool.

  • Prequalification

    For prospective aircraft investors, whether looking to lease or own your private aircraft, we can provide prequalification for leads as well as participate in and oversee the pre-purchase inspections.

  • Document Transfer

    Regardless of your aircraft transaction, we also can facilitate the exchange of FAA paperwork and a contract between buyer and seller ensuring all regulatory documents are properly populated and signed.

  • Special Requests

    We can also assist with any additional special requests or requirements. If you are in need of updating or changing interior or exterior components, paint or for exchanges, we also may schedule and validate these as well. We also can coordinate the delivery of your aircraft, along with any export processes worldwide.

Private Aircraft Sales & AcquisitionsPrivate Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions
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