2019 EDC Las Vegas Jet Charter: Fly to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Style

2019 EDC Las Vegas Jet Charters: Fly to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Style

Flex Air Charters Jet Charter

Fly to Las Vegas with Flex Air Charters in an exclusive 2019 EDC Las Vegas jet charter! Reserve an entire modern luxury aircraft for your travel to LV with your friends or individually to make it to The Electric Daisy Carnival held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Immerse yourself in the wonder, the energy, and excitement of 2019’s celebration of color, music, and electro-art! While the event has been held at many cities globally after the first event in the early ’90s, Las Vegas has become home to the EDC’s US event for the last several years and 2019 is expected to be no different. See famous DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Yellow Claw, and Tiësto. Last year, Drake performed and many other musicians and well-known DJs such as Calvin Harris often frequent the 3-day event. Don’t miss out and get there in the opulence you deserve before the long nights of parties and celebrations that the concert event holds each night in May.

Scheduling for your private jet charter is easy with Flex Air Charters, a simple call to one of our agents can see you in the most modern and highly safety rated aircraft with the experienced pilot and staff of one of our partnering operators all over the world. The event is being held May 17-19, will you be there?

What to Expect at the 2019 EDC Celebration in Las Vegas!

While an official line-up has not yet been announced there are some traditional events you can look forward to now including:

  • Exclusive events on the LVMS grounds for those participating including guest speaking events, on-site yoga each morning, pool parties and camping
  • The exciting art displays of the art cars, light installations, rave aerobatics, fireworks, and pyrotechnics
  • Classes including hula-hooping, sunbaths, reiki, meditation, and field day games
  • Night time activities illuminated by the many neon glow displays as well as exclusive concerts, raves and glow parties

Why Schedule a 2019 EDC Las Vegas Jet Charter?

For starters, traveling to Las Vegas commercially can be an uncomfortable and frustrating endeavor. Between orchestrating group travel for your friends attending the EDC with you, to having to ride in a cramped cabin aboard commercial aircraft, the hassle of flying commercially impacts everyone. With a private jet charter, you and your group can organize a flight that is customized to fit your needs all while giving you the comfort and peace of mind that you are flying with the most experienced and highly-trained pilots in the industry. With Flex Air Charters, you can plan your specific amenities around your own needs, customized menus for catering, onboard entertainment and a choice of modern safety assured aircraft are all easily attainable with the help of our professional agents. You can fly on your own time and from smaller airports closer to home. You can skip the hustle and bustle of a major airport and drive right up to the terminal if you want to at any of the thousands of private airfields we can arrange your flight from.

You will have the plane to yourself. In essence, a jet charter is you renting the entire aircraft, rather than just a seat and aircraft choice plays an important role in this. With our huge network of operators ready to take you to the 2019 Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas event, you can choose to take a smaller light aircraft or turboprop as an individual or one of the larger aircraft to accommodate your group. While some may view private air travel as something only for the rich, we can assure you with the split cost of flying as a group to Las Vegas, you will get equal to or slightly higher rate than a commercial ticket. With this in mind and all of the additional amenities at your fingertips for your flight, you will soon come to see that a 2019 EDC Las Vegas Jet Charter is worth every penny.

Hotels and Accommodations for 2019 EDC Las Vegas

While EDC does provide areas to camp with an RV or in one of their moon tents, you may want to experience a little more civilization when visiting LV. After your 2019 EDC Las Vegas jet charter has been scheduled, speak to our expert concierge agents about making hotel reservations along the strip. Party all night and sleep in luxury all day at some of the most well-known hotel-casinos in the city such as:

  • Mandarin Oriental
  • The Bellagio
  • The MGM Grand
  • The Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Flex Air Charters can arrange a car to pick you up from your hotel to shuttle you back and forth to the concert or if you would like, we can also schedule a helicopter to take you. After all, no one likes waiting in a car on a drive that would normally take 30 minutes for over 3 hours. Not to mention the events you may miss.

During your three days stay in Las Vegas, you will want to experience the most the city has to offer as well as the exclusive performances by artists at the concert, pyrotechnic shows and more! Don’t miss a thing. We can get you to Nevada faster by scheduling your private jet charter and then further enhance your comfort with accommodations and transportation arrangements.

Go Straight from the Airport to Your Hotel or the Festival!

Skip the stay and camp on the grounds of the LVMS! Take a helicopter airport transfer directly from the airport to the event space! We can arrange your airport transfer by helicopter or luxury car service depending on your personal preference. Transfers can be made to the speedway as well as to local hotels. We can locate the perfect vehicle, aerial or otherwise to pick you up from any of the following airports after your 2019 EDC Las Vegas Jet Charter:

  • McCarran International Airport
  • North Las Vegas Airport
  • Henderson Executive Airport

Get Started on Your 2019 EDC Las Vegas Jet Charter Reservations!

2019 EDC Las Vegas jet charters are available for reservation now! Every year thousands flock to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to celebrate good music, love, and a fantastic show. Don’t miss out this year by waiting until the last minute to make your reservations. By contacting Flex Air Charters, you can reach a representative 24/7 who specializes in flights to and from Las Vegas so you know that every detail is taken care of by a person who knows to look for them. If you need accommodation reservations, additional airport transfers or car service, Flex Air Charters’ exclusive concierge department can assist you with that as well.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2019!

If You Are Ready to Make Your Reservations for Your Customized 2019 EDC Las Vegas Jet Charter Call Flex Air Charters at 1-888-722-0776