Air Charter Partner Network

Flex Air Charter Partner Network: The most options available when you need to be in the air

Flex Air Charters has built our reputation by providing exemplary service to our clients as well as establishing a close professional relationship with all members of our air charter partner network. This network is made up of over 1,000 different aircraft, FBOs, MROs, and individual operators and provides a world-class fleet for our clients to choose from. Our close relationship with global operators also gives us the benefit of negotiating attractive contracts, accessing safety intelligence reports (SIR), and a larger range of tailored amenities for our clients.

By having access to a full spectrum aircraft, we have the ability to find the perfect size plane or jet for your needs, whether you need a light, mid, super mid, large cabin, a turboprop or even a helicopter. By selecting the right aircraft for the job we make the process of delivering the most value, convenience and comfort to every flight we arrange.

Globally, we offer access to nearly an unlimited amount of airports and remote airstrips through our aircharter partner network. This gives our clients the most flexibility when selecting their destinations and home ports.

Our beliefs are rooted in the safety of our clients and the comfort we can provide them by fully screening the operators we work with prior to making reservations. We can and often will provide that safety information to our clients upon booking.

No matter where you wish to go or when, we have an available aircraft to take you. All amenities and additions to the aircraft or special accommodations simply need to mentioned to your account representative and we will find the right plane to book for you.

All air charter partner network members have been properly vetted to transport our clients and operate with a strict adherence to one or many of the following:

Aircharter Partner Network Aircharter Partner Network
  • Access to a vast range of available aircraft from anywhere globally.

  • On-demand flight scheduling that allows for seamless last minute changes.

  • Discounted empty-leg and one way flights

  • Convenience of chartering the right private jet or aircraft for your needs including customizations for amenities and groups.

  • Easy prepay plan that allows you to fly when you need to rather than within 30 days of booking your ticket.

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