Charter a Private Jet to

Hong Kong, China

Charter a Private Jet to

Hong Kong, China

Jet Charters to Hong Kong

Take a Private Jet Charter to The Pearl of The Orient

The name Hong Kong translates to “spice harbor” and the city itself demonstrates this every day with the combination of new world business and the colorful culture of ancient China. Flex Air Charters provides exclusive Hong Kong private jet charters to and from this incredible city. Within a few hours notice, you can have a private jet at the closest airport (private or commercial) to take you individually or you and a group on your fantastic travels to The Pearl of The Orient.

On-demand air charters are the best way to reach cities such as Hong Kong as they give you the benefit of scheduling when you need to, customizing your flight and avoiding long TSA lines, cramped cabins and personalized service in flight. By chartering a private aircraft for your flight, you have the ability to reserve the best aircraft for you, select from thousands of airports around the world and genuinely enjoy your flight to beautiful cities.

Discover the ancient beauty of Hong Kong, China!

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Hong Kong Jet Charters

Located along the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong’s economy depends largely on it being the seventh largest trading entity. The market capitalization is at 2.3 trillion. As it is such, many of our private executive and corporate clients make their business travels there in an effort to strengthen their trade abilities and partnerships. Hong Kong’s import and exports include raw materials, food, consumer goods, capital goods and fuel. The city is also a major financial center, primarily due to the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) being pegged with the US Dollar resulting in the currency being one of the most traded worldwide. Suffice to say, may corporations contact us in making arrangements for executives and corporate group travel to the bustling city frequently.

Hong Kong Jet Charters Hong Kong Jet Charters

When in the city either on business or leisure be sure to immerse yourself in the traditional cuisine and arts the city provides its frequent visitors. From the islands, bay and the busy city districts of the East and Wan Chai, there is so much to see and do. With Flex Air Charters, you can have not only your Hong Kong private jet charter scheduled, but also accommodations, transportation and even activity and tours organized as well. A few of the most popular attractions include:

  • Visiting the longest sea-crossing bridge ever built, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

  • Seeing all of the most impressive scenery in the area on The Peak

  • Hitting the night-scene at the best-known party destination Lan Kwai Fong

  • Getting photos of the traditional Chinese architecture in Ngong Ping Village

  • the “most beautiful destination in Hong Kong” the Nan Lian Gardens

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Private Jet to Hong Kong Private Jet to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an incredible city to visit if you are on a family vacation as well. Flex Air Charters can schedule a group flight for your family or friends to enjoy with you. From the family-friendly Disneyland Hong Kong including the themed Main Street, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Toy Story Land. With Flex Air Charters' concierge service, we can organize and arrange stay at the park’s resort accommodations. For more family fun visit Megabox shopping complex, with plenty of children’s stores as well as a huge playground and ice rink, there is something to find for everyone! For a more educational experience, Hong Kong offers guided tours and workshops at its Wetland Park. This gorgeous eco-friendly park located in the Northern region of Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, provides a family-friendly look at China’s wetlands and exhibits how these amazing ecosystems can be preserved and appreciated in the future.

Scheduling your private jet to Hong Kong is simple and easy. Simply call us or fill out our convenient form and we will arrange every detail to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Land at the VHHH Hong Kong Intl Airport or VHSK SEK Kong Airport. From specialty gourmet meal service to airport pick-up and delivery to hotels such as the Peninsula Hong Kong by private helicopter to luxury car service to the Cordis, we can organize and schedule additional services through our exclusive concierge department.

Flex Air Charters works with worldwide operators offering the most professional and experienced private aviation operation. All Flex Air Charters partners are continually tested to maintain their good standing with international and US regulators for air travel, this includes remaining Part 135 and Part 121/380 charter and group charter operators. You are safe with the professional crews aboard the luxury aircraft we will be scheduling you on.

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Jet Charters to Hong Kong Jet Charters to Hong Kong

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