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Miami, Florida

Private Jet Charters

Miami, Florida

Miami Jet Charters

Private Jet Charters to Miami, Florida

If you are looking for a fresh and exciting way to travel to an amazing destination, look no further than Flex Air Charters for reserving your private jet charter to Miami. The city of Miami is well known for its cultural diversity, stunning scenery and a lively nightclub scene. These characteristics, as well as numerous others, make it the perfect destination for fun in the sun. Private jet charters arranged by Flex Air Charters are the perfect means of transport to compliment this amazing location. Not only are private jets the epitome of luxury, when you reserve through Flex Air Charters you gain access to a number of customizable options you won't find with any other reservation specialist. Personal travel concierges can have an on-demand charter booked and wheels up in less than a few hours. The operators we reserve for are professional, experienced and each possesses an impeccable safety record so you’re certain to travel safely, reliably and comfortably to your desired destination. Each charter is organized with your specific interests in mind and agents will be available throughout the process should changes need to be made to itineraries or if you simply have a question. Travel with confidence when you book Miami private jet charters through Flex Air Charters.

Flex Air Charters is your one-stop to private luxury travel.

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Miami Jet Charters

Miami is a major port city situated on the Atlantic Coast. Once considered the cruise capital of the world, the port of Miami is the busiest for both cruise line and passenger traffic. Not to mention that some of the cruise worlds largest ships and operations are based in and accommodated at Miami's port during the annual cruise season.

Also a global leader in commerce and finance, downtown Miami is home to the largest concentration of International banking institutions in the United States. Consequently, downtown Miami additionally sports the third tallest skyline in the entire world with over 300 buildings achieving high rise status. These elements serve to make travel to Miami in an intriguing possibility for executive travelers. Especially given that there are at least 4 private airports in close proximity for private jets to fly into and a number of hotels within the city ranging from the lavish to offering the best in economy grade, like The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, the Mandarin Oriental, and the Conrad Miami.

Not to leave the needs of travelers seeking accommodation and travel options for personal pursuits undeserved, the city is also an excellent prospect as a family vacation destination. Miami is one of the world's most stunning destinations. Although it may not be as often visited as some it's northern Florida counterparts, the elements that make it so fascinating are worth the trip to Florida’s most South Eastern tip. Flanked for miles by stunning white sand beaches, vacationers won't be left wanting while visiting this sunny city. The food and atmosphere exhibit a prevalent Cuban influence and the glamorous and eclectic community of South Beach offers something for everyone. Vacationers who have a flair for the artistic will love the art deco architecture and pastel colors of the walls that surround the city. An excellent location for those who like to engage in people watching the cultural diversity off the charts as well as many different types of personalities you will encounter while sitting and quietly observing at eateries on Ocean Drive. Miami is also extremely well known as a hot car spotting destination. Luxury vehicles, rat rods, barely street legal kit cars and exotic automobiles abound in Miami.

For the group of travelers looking for family friendly fun, Miami offers a wide array of attractions and landmarks families can arrange to visit. Places like Zoo Miami, Monkey Jungle, and the Miami children's Museum are ideal places to spend time with your school-aged children. The Everglades Alligator Farm and Bayside Marketplace are perfect for older children as they deliver thrills and chills and opportunities to shop and snack on Miami’s street cuisine.

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Airports & Hotels in Miami

Miami private jet charters allow for yourself and your group to experience a level of luxury seldom achieved when traveling, especially if you elect to travel commercial. Private jet charters deliver all of the attributes one hopes for when arranging their travel to the world's most beautiful destinations. They are stylish, luxurious, safe, reliable and flexible. The operators who facilitate your charter are regularly audited for compliances with FAA Part 135 for private jet charters and in accordance with regulations Part 121/380 for group charters so you can rest assured you're in safe hands. Private jets can be customized to reflect your personal tastes. For example, you can specify as to the type of jet you prefer, mid-grade to the extravagant. Catering can be adjusted to reflect preferences or per dietary restrictions. Even the interior can be customized to include a company logo or brand or your personal monogram.

Flex Air Charters takes the luxury experience even further by offering the option to plan your trip in its entirety. Travel concierges can book your accommodation at hotels or resorts in the Miami and surrounding area, they can organize tours and luxury ground transport from limousines to motor coaches to accommodate your entire group. Even more spectacular, you will have access to so many more locations to fly into as private jets can travel to a number or private airfields located all across the state of Florida. No security pat downs, no waiting in lines of TSA agents to ask you to remove items etc.

Private jet travel may be organized to fly into one of these Miami private airports. Simply arrive to the departure location, check in, board the jet and prepare to take off.

  • TMB-Miami Executive Airport

  • GAC-Miami International Airport General Aviation Center

  • X51-Miami Homestead General Aviation Airport

  • OPF-Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport

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Travel concierges are available 24/7 to organize all aspects of your travel to Miami. Reserve charter flights, book hotel or resort stays, plan a guided tour, even arrange for helicopter transport from the airport to your hotel, the options are limitless.  

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