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New York City, NY

Private Jet Charters

New York City, NY

NYC Jet Charters

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New York is the #1 destination and departure point for private travelers. It’s no wonder, being such a busy city and corporate hub for businesses all around the world. With a NYC jet charter, you can make it to or from New York with ease and in the most luxurious comfort in the industry.

As a center for finance, fashion, entertainment and more, New York sees thousands of business travelers, tourists and residents flying in and out of its private as well as international airports every day. If you have ever been to the city, you know that time is money and getting in and out of JFK or even city traffic can come with quite the price tag when you are delayed. With private jet charters, you can schedule on your terms, have the plane ready, skip the TSA lines and travel with ease.

Private flights not only provide a convenient way to save time but also come with amenities to assist you in your business or make you more comfortable throughout your flight. From onboard entertainment, conference rooms, satellite telephone and easy to use wifi, there is very little to stop you from conducting business or sitting back to relax on board any one of the private aircraft we can schedule you on. Flex Air’s vast network of operators all over the world will find the right aircraft to fly you at the right time, swiftly and painlessly. Select your return airport or your destination easily, as private jets and turboprops have the ability to access more remote locations. Save even more time by allowing us to employ our exclusive concierge services and schedule your accommodations, ground transportation or even a helicopter airport transfer to any of the heliports located throughout major cities.

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NYC Jet Charters

It is hard to imagine anyone not knowing about New York City. Being famous for many businesses and landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Central Park, the city gets thousands of visitors every year. From businessmen and women visiting one of the hundreds of corporations that call NYC home, Wall Street and more, to those in the entertainment industry looking for a big break or to see a show on Broadway, there is something for everyone in the city that never sleeps.

With so many cultures and iconic places to visit, the city is considered one of the most popular for those in the US as well as worldwide. Many of the jets we charter are for those coming in for different events such as New Year’s Eve in Times Square and to witness the lighting of the trees and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. With Flex Air, you can have your private travel experience and all of your accommodations taken care of during one phone call.

If you are visiting for an event, we can make hotel reservations, schedule pick up from the airport and car service throughout your stay or even make reservations for you to experience some of the many events New York hosts. From tickets to see the Yankees to passes to Coney Island with your children, whatever activities you would like to do, Flex Air can arrange a customized itinerary to match it.

On the other hand, if you are flying into the city of dreams to conduct business, we can also make customizations to your flight, accommodations and ground service to assist you. From specialized business charters that feature enough room for you and your colleagues, to access to a satellite telephone, meeting room and projector screen for you to conduct meetings on board, Flex Air can arrange NYC jet charters that allow you to continue doing business even in the air.

If you are staying in the financial district, we can make arrangements for your travel from the airport of your choice to locations there such as the aforementioned Wall Street, Ellis Island, and the New York Stock Exchange. We handle our side of the business so you can get yours done seamlessly.

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Private Jet to New York City Private Jet to New York City

NYC Private Airports and Heliports

New York City is home to three major commercial airports and four private jet airports as well. Each private airport has its own unique benefits other than making it less crowded at the terminal. Customizations can be made for your arrival if you are flying with other business representatives such as brand applications and for those private flyers, we can schedule personalized amenities such as catering service, car service and helicopter transports available as well. When you wish to fly into the city you will have your pick of the following:

  • JFK / La Guardia

  • Newark International

  • Farmingdale

  • Teterboro Airport

  • White plains

  • ISP Islip

For helicopter transfer into the city from any of these airports, you can land at one of these convenient heliports. We can also arrange helicopter transport to other cities including the Hamptons. If you are staying at a hotel where there is a private helipad to land on, we can arrange that as well:

  • East 34th Street Heliport

    (K6N5, 6N5)

  • West 30th Street Heliport

    (KJRA, JRA)

  • Downtown Manhattan | Wall Street Heliport

    (KJRB, JRB)

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