Bombardier Global 7000 Business Jet: Innovative design, luxury interiors and extreme long range capability

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Following a 2-year hiatus in development, global aerospace company Bombardier’s Global 7000 business jet is expected to certify and enter into service this year and as such, the newly refreshed program unveiled the pinnacle of cabin modification at a conference in Los Angeles last week.

Speaking at the at the Milken Institute Global Conference, Bombardier representatives introduced what according to them is the first innovation in over 30 years in business jet seat design and is expected to revolutionize the aviation seat design market. The Nuage passenger seat was an innovation seven years in the making and was developed with the traveler’s optimum comfort in mind. The design team considered every possible implication when engineering the seat which combines the principles of ergonomics and sustainable comfort into a sleek and aesthetically pleasing recliner.

The cornerstone upon which the seat design is made applicable is in the trademarked ‘link system’ developed exclusively by Bombardier. The link system’s design is intended to allow for the ultimate in body positioning while reclining. The ideology is that in order to deliver the ultimate in seat comfort, the seat must transition into a position that flows organically in much of the same way as the traveler’s body.

Nuage business jet seating features trademarked link system seating to comfortably accommodate passenger’s bodies in repose. Photo Credit: Bombardier

When in the reclined position, typical aircraft seating was limited by only the back of the seat tilting. This left the traveler’s lower back in a vulnerable position as the seat itself, or the pan, wasn’t in an optimized position because it remained stationary. This positioning was awkward and did not allow for the passenger’s body to fall naturally into a state of relaxation because they were still experiencing pressure on the lower end of their back where their bottom remained in contact with the seat. When activated, the Nuage seat back will tilt and the seat pan itself will also adjust accordingly by lowering so as to create a fluid and linear flow similar to how the body would move innately while in repose or lounging.

The seat’s exterior is covered in a supple leather and features additional comfort-oriented innovations including the lowering of the seat’s pan to account for travelers of various heights, shapes, and leg lengths and the seats swivel capability and it’s tilting headrest.

The innovations in seat design are one of many modifications in the Global 7000’s journey toward conceptualization and certification. The development process for the Global 7000 started roughly around 2010. The business class jet was expected to be introduced in 2016 but developers put the process in state of suspension and entry into service is anticipated to commence this year.

Bombardier Aerospace is a corporation originally founded in 1942 by French-Canadian mechanic Joseph-Armand Bombardier. The company originally produced snowmobiles and bush vehicles capable of traversing through snowy or swampy conditions. As of the current date, Bombardier is an industry leader in the development and construction of feederliners typically utilized by regional airlines, business class jets, mass transportation vehicles like trains as well as a dabbler in the realm of financial services. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec and is headed by President and CEO Alain Bellemare.

The Bombardier Global 7000 jet is a redesigned version of the Global 6000 and is being marketed as the largest and most extensive range business jet aircraft in the world. The jet boats a 7,700 nm range, a max cruise of mach 0.9, and elevation ceiling of 51,000 ft in conjunction with a specialized steep approach capability making the 7000 one of the highest performing business jets when weighed against comparable aircraft.

The Global 7000 business class jet aircraft’s design was derived from improvement upon the Global Series 6000 version aircraft. Photo Credit: Bombardier

In determining what type modifications needed to be made to improve upon the Global 6000’s design, the developers extended the dimensions on the 7000 and made improvements upon the transonic wing design by reducing the wing’s weight without altering its functionality. The cabin of the 7000 was designed to support 4 separate living sections including a fully functional galley and crew accommodation. The spaciousness of the 7000’s cabin was extended to more than 20 percent over what the 6000’s was stretched to 20 percent more. Taxi testing commenced in October 2016 and the Bombardier Global 7000 took off on its maiden flight in November 2016 at which time the aircraft climbed to 20,000 feet and achieved 240 knots. Orders for the jet came pouring in shortly thereafter and reached into the hundreds. Delivery of the aircraft will begin in 2018.

The jet can comfortably accommodate up to 17 passengers and support a crew of 4. Customized suite selection delivers the opportunity to create the illusion of an actual office or living space to further emphasize the luxurious quality of business jet travel. Fully functional connectivity makes the process of staying up to date and to conduct business while traveling a real time possibility.

State of the art fiber optics allow for connectivity throughout the flight. Photo Credit: Bombardier

A stand up shower and large master suite delivers comfort and the feeling of home while traveling for extended periods of time. Photo Credit: Bombardier

Master suite amenities include full functional bed and bathroom suites Photo credit: Bombardier

Further amenities and creativity expressed through design modifications and inventiveness stretch beyond the Global 7000s interiors. For example, the 7000 features state of the art fly by wire Bombardier Vision avionics and is powered by the General Electric Passport 20 16,500 lbf engine. This powerhouse specifically designed to be implemented into the Global 7000’s design was expressly developed to reduce fuel emissions exponentially. The airframe is constructed out of an aluminum lithium alloy and innovative wing design delivers more stability and smoothness in flight.

As for the present, President and CEO Alain Bellemare Is counting on the sale of the global 7000 whose purchase price roughly 73 million, to help to put the debt saturated company back in the black following certification and delivery. The company plans to maintain a consistency in delivery schedule and does not anticipate any difficulty in introducing the largest, longest range business jet aircraft into into service before the end of 2018.

Photo Credit: Bombardier