Private Jet Registration Codes of the Rich and Famous

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Luxury private jets owned by the rich and famous often bear their own customized tail plates. Airplanes, just like cars, are required to have registration numbers in order to be identified. Made up of a one- or two-letter country code, aircraft registration numbers features a letter for the country and a a unique series of up to five letters and numbers. Private jet registration, however, may bear a ‘vanity tail number’ which has a special meaning to the owner.

Bill Gates - N887WM

Bill Gates, for example, has N887WM as a registration code. His customized £30 million Bombardier Global Express jet, which seats 19 people and is powered by twin Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, features a wood and leather veneer interior, a luxury bathroom and state of the art entertainment system. His registration code is personalized with “WM”, which references his parents’ names, William and Mary.

Michael Jordan - N236MJ

Michael Jordan has N236MJ as a registration code. His private Gulfstream G550 boasts his initials and nickname, MJ, his jersey number, 23, and his NBA championship wins, 6. The exterior of the Gulfstream features the same elephant print design that appears on his sports footwear line and the interior features a luxury bathroom, bedroom and bar.

Taylor Swift - N898TS

Taylor Swift has N898TS as a registration code. Her Dassault Falcon 900 tri-jet boasts her initials, TS, and her birth year, 89, as well as an an 8, the number of chart-topping singles Swift had when she bought the jet, which seats 12 and has a range of nearly 4,600 miles.

Jim Carrey - N162JC

Jim Carrey has N162JC as a registration code. His Gulfstream V, worth an estimated £45 million, seats 16 passengers and features next generation safety features. The tail number references his date of birth, January 1962, and his initials, JC.

John Travolta - N707JT

John Travolta has N707JT as a registration code. Known for his love of flying, Travolta owns seven planes and has a pilot’s license. His collection includes a Boeing 707B, featuring his initials, JT, on the tail plate, as well as three Gulfstreams and a Bombardier Challenger 601.

Even if you don’t have your own personalized plate, you can still travel in style and comfort aboard a leased or chartered private jet. Contact a personal account manager for a private jet charter or lease quote today by calling Flex Air Charters at 1-888-722-0776.