Travel Luxuriously with a Private Jet Charter to the 2018 Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

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If you are looking for something incredibly exciting to do this fall and want to escape to warmer climates, consider reserving a private jet charter to the 2018 Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez yacht race. More than 4000 sailors and at least 300 yachts will all converge on Saint Tropez in the French Riviera to partake in competitive boat racing and revel in the festivities surrounding the event.

The 20th edition of the famed race will commence on September 29th and last for seven days until October 7th. Throughout the seven-day competition, a stunning fleet of yachts will compete in a series of sailing events for a chance to come away with the sought after Rolex trophy.

The headlining event, the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, which essentially loosely translates to the Sails of Saint Tropez, is an annual performance-based series of yacht races that take place in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, Var, France. The event culminates in a fleet of varying types of categories boats and yachts from the modern and classic, speedboats, maxi yachts, and Wally boats even allowing for entry of authentic wooden boats to compete against one another over the course of several weekdays and during weekend regattas for a chance to take home a trophy. Much like the surroundings of the French Riviera, the Voiles de Saint-Tropez is a visually stunning event set against one of the most beautiful backgrounds in the world.

La Citadelle de Saint-Tropez fort in Saint-Tropez, France

La Citadelle de Saint-Tropez fort at the top of the hill in Saint-Tropez, France

The city of St Tropez is situated on the French Riviera near the famed cities of Cannes and Marseille and is famous for its population of residents and visitors alike who subscribe to lifestyles accorded the rich and famous. The millionaire mindset was established in the early 1960s when the “jet set” started vacationing in Saint Tropez. Much like the cobblestone laden streets of La Ponche quarter which was once a popular fishing community, however, now luxury yachts outnumber the fishing boats in the harbor.

Saint Tropez is also well known throughout artistic circles as the spectacle of hundreds of yachts drifting in the ocean also delivers an impressive background for some of the world’s most stunning sailing photography. This is especially true when juxtapositioned against the towns ancient structures and pastel-painted shops that line its streets.

There are a number of sporting events that take place in Saint Tropez annually, from car racing to boating competitions,. During the Voiles de Saint-Tropez regatta, powered and sail yachts and boats and the teams of skilled sailors and boating enthusiasts as well as spectators will converge on the city and do their best to win.

Private jet charters to the 2018 Les Voiles de Saint-tropez are the only way to travel to such a luxurious destination. The weekend regattas are especially popular so to ensure there is space for you to fly into one of the three most closely located airports, La Mole, Toulon Hyères and Cannes, you will need to reserve your charter now.

Additionally, we can arrange luxury transport for sailors and team members to Saint Tropez in time for training and practice runs. Contact Flex Air Charters to arrange private jet charters and bring family and friends along. If you happen to be traveling from an extensive distance, our agents will source an aircraft that has sleeping accommodations as well as fully functional galleys.

Make the most of your autumn trip planning by reserving a private jet charter to the 2018 Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez and revel in the Saint Tropez experience and view the spectacle that is performance yacht racing.

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