Disproving Top 10 Most Common Aviation Myths

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There are a lot of misconceptions with regards to aerial travel. Of the most common myths, here are ten that will for sure make you feel safer on your next flight!

Cabin Oxygen Levels:

Some people believe that the cabins’ oxygen levels are kept deliberately low to calm passengers into a lethargic state. However, that concept could not be farther from the truth. According to the founder of Holidayers travel website and pilot, Dan Boland, “pilots share the same air as passengers, so if this were true, we’d be falling asleep too”. In reality, the reason for feeling sleepy has more to do with in-flight fatigue, boredom, motion, and the cabin pressurization makes it slightly more difficult for human lungs to utilize oxygen.

Electronic Devices Can Cause a Crash:

There has never been a documented situation in which an electrical device has interfered with the plane’s navigation system. Even some private jets have Wi-Fi onboard. So why do so many airlines ask you to turn off devices during the flight? The Federal Communications Commission has banned all use of mobile devices on planes, but not because it interferes with navigation. Phones are banned because the signal bounces of numerous phone towers at the same time and clogs up the ground networks. It also helps to ensure that all passengers are tuned-in to the safety briefing or to ensure that devices are not thrown around the plane during turbulence.

Planes Flying Themselves:

It is a common misunderstanding that autopilot means the plane is flying itself. However, this is not the case at all! An autopilot is essentially an advanced form of a GPS. It provides input and support regarding direction and position, but there is always a human in control of the airplane!

Get Drunk Faster On a Plane:

Most people are still under the impression that alcohol has more potency at higher altitudes. This myth stems from the idea that with lower oxygen levels, the body does not metabolize alcohol as well, making it easier to get intoxicated. However, according to the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), planes are not pressurized to sea level, so there is less oxygen in the air, making it likely to get dehydrated faster. Therefore, enjoying a few drinks while in the air will not leave you completely inebriated, but it is important to stay hydrated!

Cabin Air Can Make You Sick:

Been sick after flying? A majority of people seem to believe that airplanes recycle their air, spreading germs from sick passengers. However, these aircraft have hospital-grade filtration systems that remove over 95% of germs from the air. These filtration systems are known as High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), which can replace air up to 30 times per hour. Although the air in the cabins is clean, they are only cleaned once a day. This means that it’s still worth it to bring antibacterial gel as seats, trays, and buckles can still have germs.

Lightning Can Take a Plane Down:

Modern jets are now built to withstand strikes of lightning. Thanks to the lightning wicks that are built into the wings and tail, electricity is dissipated. You won’t even feel the plane get hit.

Planes Dump Toilets Mid-Flight:

This nasty rumor is nothing but straight false information. Due to the environmental impacts, there is no way that a plane would ever dump feces into mid-air, otherwise, they also run a risk of navigation issues if something got stuck to the aircraft. This bizarre myth is proved to be nothing more as the FAA requires lavatory dumping to be done at the airport.

Little Holes in the Windows are a Threat:

On the contrary to popular belief, the little hole in the windows are only there to regulate cabin pressure. There is absolutely no way to be sucked out of a plane, even with an unplanned hole such as one made with a bullet. Boland says, “You’d have a rush of air into the cabin, followed by oxygen masks dropping. Then you’d notice it getting colder and louder. But that’s it”.

Plane Doors Can Open Mid-Flight:

Rest assured, the doors will not open mid-flight. The cabin pressure simply will not let you. Opening the door mid-flight would require superhuman strength. Leave this myth for the movies!

You Have to be Rich to Fly Private:

Another common myth with aerial travel is that you have to be rich to rent a private jet. Even though it is advertised as luxurious deluxe, private flights tend to be more affordable for frequent travelers than a commercial flight. With private jet charters, not only do you get to avoid the long lines for security and boarding, but you also get to arrange the pickup and arrival times to fit your itinerary. You can often find some of the best deals with empty leg flights. An empty leg flight is offered when a passenger takes a one-way flight and the aircraft is scheduled for the return flight empty. These seats are often sold with a hefty discount. It may not be easy to find one of these deals on your own, but that is where Flex Air Charters can step in to set you up with the most convenient, certified operators for your travels. We strive to make it a quick and easy process while delivering exceptional service!

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