Flex Air Charters: Luxury Helicopter Charters To Any Destination

Flex Air Charters: Luxury Helicopter Charters To Any Destination

Flex Air Charters Jet Charter

Flex Air Charters, in partnership with FairLifts Helicopter Services, helicopter charters for passengers and their luggage from the airport to their final destination. Whether traveling for an important business meeting, a sporting event, a romantic getaway, or just for fun, Flex Air Charters offers luxury helicopter charters & transportation.

Fly to a variety of hotels for lunches and gateways, to top sporting events, festivals, historic sites, golf courses, spas, wedding venues, wineries, theme parks, etc, by helicopter. Whether for business or pleasure, our experienced team of agents will ensure your trip is both safe and comfortable.

Flex Air Charters provides access to a wide range of helicopters for different group sizes and expectations. When we can’t land directly at the venue, we’ll land close by and provide premium ground transport enabling a seamless travel experience.

If you know where you would like to fly or if need a suggestion on venues to visit, simply call us and we’ll make your luxury helicopter experience an unforgettable one. Also, if you need a pick-up and drop off but are short on time to drive, travel quickly in luxury and comfort and beat the traffic in our premium fleet of helicopters.

Flex Air Charters takes care of all the logistics while you concentrate on enjoying your trip. Sit back, snap some pics for social media and make it a day to remember. With Flex Air Charters, you can find any flight combination that best suits your needs and expectation. Surprise family and friends with the ultimate in luxury travel by booking a helicopter charter today.

Call Flex Air Charters Today at 1-888-722-0776 to Schedule a Luxury Helicopter to Any Destination Around the World.