Inflight Catering: For the Love of Food and Luxury

Inflight Catering: For the Love of Food and Luxury

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Flying in a private jet is an exclusive opportunity to feel what it’s like to live a first-class life. You receive special attention from the flight crew, sit in relaxing, comfortable seats and avoid the hassles associated with commercial airfare.

One of the most appealing qualities of private air charters is the chance to dine exquisitely. You might already be imagining a sizzling, succulent steak with savory mashed potatoes. Perhaps you can feel your senses light up upon the taste of bacon-wrapped scallops or avocado toast drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Maybe there’s something else you dream of having as part of your inflight catering experience.

The truth is, yes, you may be able to have everything your palette desires and more. Yet the extent of your extravagant meal depends on the charter flight too. If you’re taking a relatively short trip to your destination, there probably isn’t enough time to prepare a filet mignon or heat up a garlicky shrimp scampi. However, these types of private charters are still prepared with good eats such as a hearty sandwich with a healthy side salad. That’s a lot better than a small bag of peanuts.

If you’re spending more time in the air, then the creativity and fun can really begin. Private jets aren’t just for luxury. They offer convenience too. Some planes have practically a full kitchen to prepare food for just about anyone’s request. If you’re vegan, a chef on board can prepare a wholesome plant-based meal. For someone who likes meat, a chef could warm up a T-bone steak or another cut of meat you desire. Perhaps a slice of New York style cheesecake or warm apple pie would satisfy your sweet tooth.

The possibilities on private air charters are almost endless when you have a long flight. Even if you’d like food catered from a particular restaurant on your plane, a special order can be made to pick up the food you want and have it served to you. This includes anything from fast-food to five-star restaurants. It’s nice that you can tell the flight crew what you’d like to eat instead of having to choose from what they have. You can savor the time on your luxury flight even more with every bite.

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