Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Jet Card Membership

Flex Air Jet Charter, Travel

Jet cards are ideal for those who make frequent one-way flights. It allows clients to prepay a set amount for a block of flight time at a fixed rate with guaranteed availability. When purchasing your jet card through Flex Air Charters, we have two programs currently allow for specific benefits:

Our Standard Card

This package allows for you to simply pull money from your account to cover your flight costs at any time you are in need of a jet or air charter.

Our Executive Card

This includes everything in the standard package with some additional benefits including preferred access during peak times and a 15% discount on qualifying round-trip travel.

Jet Card Benefits

Both of these options give our members the benefit of no repositioning fees and access to some of the newest and most impressive aircraft with the ability to downgrade or upgrade at any given time. Another benefit we offer is the convenience of scheduling at any time. There are no separate contracts or pay for legs individually. You will have the ability to arrive when you want to, skip long security lines at the airport, know what you are flying in, and who will be flying your aircraft.

General Information

There are more aspects than pricing to keep in mind when shopping around for your jet card. At Flex Air Charters, we take safety very seriously. We work exclusively with planes that are Part 135 or Part 91 certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and are audited by third parties including ARG/US, IS-BAO, and Wyvern. Every jet cardholder is treated to exclusive concierge services, guaranteed inflight wi-fi as well as a personal charter advisor. From reservations at the nearest hotel or luxury transportation services, you can trust our team members at Flex Air Charters to handle everything for you. Prices may vary as they will go along with the amount of time you wish to place on your account, as well as aircraft preferences. Our base hourly rate includes fuel, taxi time (where applicable) and a Federal Excise Tax. Getting started with a Flex Air Jet Card is easy and there are no start-up costs! Just call 1-888-722-0776 and one of our dedicated representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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