Wet and Dry Aircraft Lease Options

Wet and Dry Lease Aircraft Options

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You are provided with a wide variety of options when it comes to your employment of world-class aircraft, such as Wet and Dry Lease. Make sure that you are making the best decision for you and your corporate brand, by ensuring a thorough understanding of aircraft use options. Each lease method is independently optimized for your project, for its length, budget, and intended purpose. Though all are affordable, each lease option should appeal to a certain subset of the aircraft lease market. Peruse the options below to identify which lease package is uniquely capable of taking your business directives to the next level. Wet leasing or dry leasing, there’s an avenue for continued corporate success that fits your individual business model, as well as your individual preferences.

For all those individuals who regularly take advantage of world-class Flex Air Charters, a more affordable option is the availability of aircraft leasing. This process makes the arrangement of a charter for your individual needs and even quicker process and allows for more constant and affordable upkeep of the charters themselves. Freed from the financial responsibilities that come with owning an aircraft, you instead are only leasing the jet. This type of agreement allows you to come and go through the skies as you please, without the waiting period that regularly accompanies a charter arrangement. When you need to take off, your jet is already waiting.

Wet and Dry Aircraft Lease Options

Wet and Dry Aircraft Lease Options

Wet and Dry Lease Options

For those customers interested in leasing a plane from Flex Air Charters, rest assured that your options begin with the type of aircraft itself. You can choose a winning charter from among a diversified fleet of well-qualified aircraft, each capable of shaving time off your schedule, allowing you to optimize your daily business directives. It’s never been easier to beat the gridlock and take to the skies for that longer business or personal trips.

Those interested in leasing a private or business charter are provided two different options, with regard to the type of lease you wish to characterize your business agreement with Flex Air Charters. Each option allows you to assume command of a world-class, affordable charter.

The first of these options is known as a wet lease: this constitutes employment of an aircraft, without the transferal of possession. In other words, the aircraft and all accompanying services are provided to the interested party. The crew and all necessary maintenance are covered by the flight organization, although the lessee is responsible for covering all other flight costs, as well as all fuel. Airport fees and assorted taxes are also covered by the lessee. Wet leases are generally contracted in one or two-year periods and are meant to represent a partnership over a short period. During this time, the lessee typically establishes new flight routes or offsets higher than normal amount of airline traffic.

Wet and Dry Lease

Wet and Dry Lease

Wet leases will suit those individuals and organizations who wish to obtain limited control over an aircraft, while still allowing the parent organization to ultimately control the flight logistics.

On the contrary, dry leases occur when an aircraft is leased to a lessee, without any extra charges. The lessee is left to obtain for himself or herself an Air Operators Certificate and must cover all crew fees, equipment costs, etc. The owner of the aircraft itself essentially grants the lessee possession of the aircraft, for the allotted time before the contract expires. The organization that leases the aircraft to the lessee is no longer in control of the aircraft, its flight patterns, its destinations, or the frequency by which it flies.

For those individuals and organizations looking to retain maximum control over an aircraft, without the added pressure of owning the charter or the title, a dry lease allows the leaser to relinquish most control.

Whether you’re looking into a wet and dry lease, take advantage of personalized lease durations, without all the problems that come with owning a physical aircraft. You can simply walk away once your lease contract concludes, without the added pressure of maintaining or selling a dated plane. For those who take to the skies at a regular frequency, a dry lease or wet lease is the only way to fly!

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