Private Jet Charter Vs. Commercial First Class: A Comparison of Flight Options

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Obviously, the price may be a factor in your decision between a private jet charter or booking commercial first-class. Both can vary in price. A first-class flight from say Los Angeles to Las Vegas is roughly between $700-1000 (price from October 2018), but if you were to make an international flight it would run you far more. Private jet charter prices can vary but expect to spend in the ballpark of $2,800 an hour for a smaller jet and are more for a larger jet.

While at first glance it seems like a private jet charter is way too expensive, it is important to think about what these prices mean. If you travel on a commercial flight you are paying per seat. If you want to take ten more people with you, then you would have to times it by ten—which would bring that LA to Vegas flight up to $7,000-$10,000.

This is not the case when you rent a private jet; you are borrowing the plane as a whole, not by a per-seat basis. The cost is still the same per hour. This means if you have the right number of people, renting your own private jet may be cheaper in certain instances than taking a first-class flight.

There is one instance where traveling is generally more cost-efficient when choosing first-class, traveling across the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean to another country. Generally, larger planes have to be used for this flight which costs more. But, again, if you have the right number of people this may be worth it as well.

Perks of Each

As many people know, you do get slightly spoiled in first-class from a better food selection to bigger seats. However, what some people do not realize is on a private jet this is escalated to virtually endless possibilities, meaning the customization is even greater. Many times a private jet crew can accommodate any of the requests you make.

Other Factors

Another factor to think about when it comes to each is time. Scheduling your own private jet charters caters to your own personal schedule, meaning almost no unnecessary time is wasted. If you fly first class you still need to go through the lines at the airport, deal with delayed flights, and the heavy airport traffic. If you value your time at a high level a private jet charter may look like the better option.

When you fly privately you also have more options to customize your flight, such as the seating arrangements. You can use the plane as somewhere to have a business meeting or simply to control the seating arrangement and be surrounded by your friends and family. In addition, you do not have as many restrictions with luggage as you would when flying commercially.


The bottom line is it comes down to a personal choice. While a private jet charter may seem like more money—and in certain instances is—there are more advantages to having your own private jet charter-like saving time, having a higher level of customization, and more overall freedom.