Luxury Amenities Aboard a Private Jet Charter

Private Jets: Premier All-Inclusive Luxury Travel Options

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The preferred form of travel for billionaires, A-listers and world leaders, private jets can cost millions of dollars. The price tag, however, comes with luxury amenities, such as leather seats, dining rooms, private bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, and fine cuisine.

According to Eric Roth, president of International Jet Interiors, “Privacy, productivity, comfort, luxury and convenience are some of the major differences between flying private vs. commercial. You decide when you want to leave – YOU dictate the schedule – not the airlines. Chinese food for your flight from Teterboro to Van Nuys? No problem. Need to change your plans mid-flight and reroute to another city? OK.”

Private aviation didn’t become popular until the 1960s, after the first Learjet debuted in 1963. In the 1970s, private planes were customized to meet the era’s extravagant tastes. English rock group Led Zeppelin, for example, went on tour on “The Starship,” a private Boeing 720B known that became a club between cities.

Meanwhile, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner customized a private plane that he named the “Big Bunny,” which seated 38 passengers, and included a living room, a fully stocked bar, and a dance club.

“The airline system is staid,” Roth said. “They provide a traditional and very affordable service to the masses. The term luxurious and enjoyable as it relates to commercial flying can only be applied to a first-class ticket on perhaps a foreign carrier. When you fly on a private jet, it’s a very different world.”

Private jets provide extra leg room, privacy and no distractions for those traveling for business or going on a romantic getaway.

“Privacy, productivity, comfort, luxury and convenience are some of the major differences between flying private vs. commercial,” Roth said.

Nowadays, private planes are modern and feature clean lines and relaxing color tones, and although the style tend to be more minimalist, Roth says, “the details that we incorporate must make a statement.”

Another advantage is the food. Unlike processed commercial airline food, private jets can provide high-end cuisine.

If you prefer to have “Chinese food for your flight from Teterboro to Van Nuys? No problem,” Roth said.

Finally, technology on private jets must be state-of-the-art, and of course include Wi-Fi.

“Everyone wants to be ‘connected’ – no matter where in the world they are — and no one has patience for a slow internet connection, so we offer our clients the latest in technology for satellite communication and bandwidth,” Roth said. “Fast-charging USB ports for passengers’ phones and personal devices are a must. Streaming music or video content throughout the aircraft is becoming almost commonplace today.”

Jean-Pierre Alfano, creative director at AirJet Designs, which designs private jet interiors, said they tend to focus on ergonomics and comfort.

“A fine selection of materials, textures, colors, and proper lighting are key elements in all of our aircraft interior design projects,” Alfano said. “The majority of private jet flyers rightly expect flawless quality and service, since they are aware, they are paying for it.”

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