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With Flex Air Charters' access to an exclusive fleet of professional and executive luxury aircraft, you have little more to do than calling one of our experts before you are on your way to your business meeting, conference or corporate event in style. Offering tailored amenities including corporate branding for marketing purposes and group meeting areas, your next business jet charter will allow you to work even when you are “on the road”. We respect your time, privacy and consider your safety a the top priority when scheduling any executive charter with our operators.

Work is important to you, you wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t. So overcoming changes and the ability to quickly confirm is a trait you ought to have developed by now. Change is not something that is easily accepted with commercial travel unless the airline is the one doing the changing. Now, you have more options presented to you rather than you having to conform to the changes that could negatively impact your schedule. When you have a partner or prospect located in another state or country, making last-minute flight plans to conduct a meeting is more than a nuisance, it can cost you a great deal. With the on-demand travel through Flex Air Charters' business jet charters, you can get there on time, on your schedule and closer to the location rather than having to travel even further to reach your important destination.

Never have to organize your air travel and ground travel yourself again. Flex Air Charters also offers a full concierge service which can provide you with the airport transfer and car you need during your business stay in any city you just happen to be visiting. Accommodations can be taken care of as well as any additional amenities needed, we do our jobs well, so you can focus on doing yours the same.

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Professional Luxury Travel With Flex Air Charters

Working alongside professional and well-known industry operators worldwide gives us the ability to schedule corporate clients on luxury aircraft to and from more destinations than commercial airlines. These exclusive business jet charter services are the best option for companies, executives and individuals alike traveling for work needing on-demand access. Working with us affords you many benefits including:
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  • Convenient Departures:

    Business jet charters have the ability to arrive at smaller airstrips and airports all around the globe. With access to over 5000 private or remote destinations, you are guaranteed to have a convenient commute for your departure.

  • Private Quarters and Terminals:

    By having the exclusive access to private meeting rooms and terminals specifically for your flight, you can reduce check-in time and security points as well as have some time to relax while the plane is readied for your boarding.

  • Comfort and Luxury:

    The culmination of luxury interiors, spacious cabins and the ability to personally tailor your amenities to give you the most comfort provide a home away from home feel aboard the business jet charter aircraft we schedule.

  • Safety and Security:

    Aircraft, terminals and even private security detail can be arranged to protect your travel with the utmost discretion. Ground transportation can be arranged as well so you and your cargo’s secrecy are maintained.

  • Tailored Executive Travel:

    In business, last minute changes are one thing you can count on. With Flex Air Charters, your travel itinerary will be tailored around your schedule and if any changes arise, we will quickly make the adjustment so you never miss an important moment.

  • More Destinations Available:

    By partnering with operators worldwide we can offer you more destinations all around the globe. Business jet charters can access hard to reach and private airports closer to metropolitan areas giving you the ability to travel anywhere for your business needs.

  • Cost Effective Options:

    Our experience in the field of private air travel gives us the advantage of having the know-how and connections to influence your costs. We guarantee we can find a solution for you that closely matches your budget in any case.

  • A Varied Fleet:

    With our professional connections and partnerships that have built our global network, we can offer you more aircraft options for your business jet charter. From the most recent additions to the private jet sector to tried and true popular turboprops, we can find the plane you need.

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Business-Friendly Flexibility:

Need to continue flights after your initial itinerary has been completed? No problem. We can accommodate additions to time, legs in your journey and any additional changes that may come up in your travels.

When traveling in any of the professional executive aircraft we have available for business jet charters, you will have access to the tools you need to keep the business running, even in the air. Choose from a variety of aircraft that suit your group size and purpose. From full meeting rooms to seating providing the best way to interact with clients and projection equipment for meetings, we can accommodate your business needs down to the last leather-clad seat. Easy to access and private lavatories and WIFI capabilities give you comfort and the connectivity you need to feel at home, or at the office, whichever is preferable. Breeze through TSA lines, avoid the airport traffic and bring your bags aboard. Business never stops, and neither should you.

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