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Top Aviation Trends Used by Providers to Entice Clients to Fly with Them

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Private aviation providers have upped the stakes in an attempt to inspire customers to choose their service over competitors by implementing new and exciting aviation trends. When it comes to trying to sort through a mile long list of potential contenders to address your business or personal private aviation interests, the process can swiftly prove to be a difficulty. Each provider will offer up similar elements to one another as a selling point, like having a number of aircraft at the ready and at your disposal to take off on customized itineraries to more than 5000 airports located globally. Or, the fact that they have agents available to coordinate your travel itineraries and respond to your concerns day and night. They will additionally be able to find and locate the most appropriate aircraft located at a destination nearest to your departure location, and so on.

The private aviation market is increasingly becoming more competitive which in turn is making the process of sourcing the right provider for you overwhelming and yet, it’s making it more intriguing as well. Due to the competitive nature of this beast, providers have also started to step up their “perks for choosing us” game and are offering up some pretty lucrative deals and incentives. The following are a few of the most popular aviation trends:

Via the use of Applications

A few principal private aviation providers have had success through the use of apps. Either they piggyback upon other larger apps popularity and draw a comparison in the customer’s eyes to those type services or the market to a larger audience and stress the convenience of reserving private aviation services on the go.

Discounted Pricing for Extended Trips

Generally, flights are booked per hour and then there are fees assessed for a number of other things. Providers have started to offer deep discounts of up to 30 percent for extended trip bookings.

Taking Advantage of Affiliations and Partnerships

Private aviation consumers can take advantage of this exciting aviation trend by receiving services with providers who have developed partnerships with a variety of other travel industry providers, including luxury resorts and hotels, golf courses, spa retreats and tour operators located throughout the world.

Access to VIP Exclusives

Specific providers partner exclusively with athletic franchises, entertainers, and celebrities, which entitles them to receive VIP swag as a marketing incentive via their partners. These offers can trickle down to you in the form of incentives so you could score tickets to sold-out shows or box seats to a big game.

Event Invites

Similar to what has previously mentioned above, should a provider receive complimentary tickets or be the member of a particular board, they may have access to invitations to exclusive events that could be passed on to you.

Exclusive Concierge Services

Similar to what is offered throughout the travel industry as premium upgrades could be made applicable to your private aviation experience. Upgrades to a more high end or luxury type air charter, special catering incentives for your flight or special discounts on customized in-flight amenities may be offered.

Shared Expense Between Travelers in Groups

Group discounts may be available as an incentive when you reserve transport for a number of travelers. The average cost of each would be shared under typical services and you could delegate who pays the lion’s share or split evenly amongst yourselves, but when you book travel for over a set specific amount of people, the provider may offer a discounted rate as well.

Members Benefits

Similar to what consumers receive in incentives from credit card companies or via their car or medical insurance, you could receive specialized benefits from a provider. You could be granted passes or discounts to attend specific wellness centers or spas.

Safety First

At risk clients whose travel poses a specific type issue for security may be privy to receiving specialized discounts on aircraft that are fortified for this expressed purpose. Furthermore, agents may develop risk profiles and then discuss specific options with high-security risk transports so as to keep the traveler safe and secure at all times.

Luxuriousness to the Extreme

This aviation trend is becoming increasingly more popular and sees specific clients with access to a more exclusive and luxury-oriented experience. Like specially fragranced planes with high-end water, linens and interiors.