Walt Disney World Private Jet Charter

A Walt Disney World Private Jet Charter is Perfection in the Air

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Walt Disney believed in making dreams come true. He wanted everyone to feel like royalty at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In fairy tales, the fantasy-turned-reality always began with a magic coach. On a Walt Disney World private jet charter by Flex Air Charters, you really will feel like kings and queens en route to the land of Mickey Mouse amid Florida palm trees.

If you think traveling by private air charter is out of range for you, think again. Flex Air Charters prides itself on its variety and affordability. You can’t even put a price on the convenience of having a worry-free start to a magical vacation at Walt Disney World. Our friendly representatives will listen to your wish list and give surprisingly affordable suggestions to help you make your dream of traveling on a private air charter come true.

As over-the-top as Walt Disney World appears to be; everything started with a mouse and a vision. No one could have imagined how a cartoonist and his black and white cartoon mouse would inspire an empire in the Florida sun. Originally, Walt Disney World (the Florida Project) was to be a companion resort to the first theme park in Anaheim, California, Disneyland.

Walt Disney World Resort opened in October of 1971 with all the glitz, glamour and pomp and ceremony that its originator would have loved. Today, over 52 million visitors swarm 25,000 acres. There are four theme parks, two water parks, 27 themed resort hotels, golf courses and myriad shops including a shopping center. With so much to offer, how can you not go and experience Walt Disney World?

Since you’re going to a land of fantasy, you might as well treat yourself and your family with first-class travel on a Walt Disney World private jet charter. Make it a big surprise! Book luxury ground transport to complement your Walt Disney World private jet charter. Imagine the oohs and aahs you’ll hear when you open the front door to see a gorgeous stretch limousine with a chauffeur waiting to load your bags?

At the airport, your party cooly walks past the winding commercial airline queues to the terminal where your deluxe private air charter awaits. Get a warm greeting from the cabin crew and step up into the most luxurious aircraft you have ever seen. Bask in the comfy leather seats with legroom to spare. Prepare yourselves for the upscale sound system and flat-screen televisions. Bond over video games, enjoy Wi-Fi or grab a snack or meal eating from real china plates. The best part is that this flight is only for you and your group. Pure joy.

Once the Walt Disney World private jet charter arrives in Orlando; another limo, gorgeous bus shuttle or luxury SUV can be arranged to take your party to their hotel. You won’t have to lose an evening scrambling around for food and feeling exhausted. With all the pampering you just got en route to the resort, you will feel rejuvenated and ready for night time fun.

Private Airports for the Walt Disney World Private Jet Charter

Traveling by private air charter saves time and money especially when your group includes small children and babies. You just want to get there. These area airports service private air charter flights:

  • MCO – Orlando International Airport – Orlando, Florida
  • KSFB – Orlando Sanford International Airport – Sanford, Florida
  • KISM – Kissimmee Gateway Airport – Kissimmee, Florida

Trust Flex Air Charters for Your Private Jet Charter Needs

Flex Air Charters representatives are waiting to speak with you about the time-saving convenience and affordable options of a private jet charter. Don’t miss your chance to have a fantasy vacation at Walt Disney World Resort. Flex Air Charters can help.

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