Where to book a private jet in 2018

Where to Book a Private Jet in 2018

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The internet is full of answers as to where to book a private jet, but which one is right for you? In this article, we will examine a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right booking agent for you. Flying by private jet is an incredible experience. When going from the traditional commercial air travel to the private industry, it can become a little confusing as to what to look for and where to book a private jet. With so many companies out there claiming to provide the best prices, the most choices and the safest flights, deducing who the real companies are and what is true can be overwhelming. However, once you have a better idea of what you are looking for the choice is simple.

Where to book a private jet in 2018

Where to book a private jet in 2018

What to look for based on your needs

When determining where to book a private jet, you will need to examine your needs very carefully. Are there specific aircraft you need? How many passengers will be there? Do you need special amenities such as catering, waiter service, customizations in the aircraft and pet care? These and many more questions you may want to ask yourself and write out as they will be questions your provider will inevitably ask. Some more basic requirements you may have should be for safety, if the operator is certified and if the crew is experienced and trained. You will want to ask the provider if:

  • They are FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) Part 135 certified to conduct private charters: This will tell you if the operator is governed and tracked by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • They work with operators and aircraft that pass periodical safety audits by well-known third-party auditors such as Arg/US, Wyvern, and IS-BAO: This explains that these operators are continually tested and can provide results for those tests on their aircraft that show it is within the up to date safety standards for that specific aircraft.
  • They have the aircraft and crew and if the crew is trained: Some private jets do not come with a crew, in that case, some additional arrangements must be made to secure a crew for the flight. Most, however, come with a pilot and co-pilot at the very least. If you wish to have in-flight service though, you will need to arrange this. Your operator should also be able to provide you with the credentials of its flight crew as well.

Getting the best price

The range and quality of payment options can also help you to determine where to book a private jet charter. Depending on how often you plan to make these types of flights, Flex Air offers many payment options for you. These include:

  • Leasing: For those who will be traveling often, this gives you access to aircraft consistently throughout the year
  • Owning: If you simply wish to buy your aircraft and lease it out if you wish, we can arrange that for you as well
  • Card Programs: Our jet card programs offer our client’s options and exclusive benefits that you can pay for in advance, simply pay a set amount and use it whenever you need it
  • Pay as you go (charters): If you simply wish to take one flight and one flight only, you have the option to just charter the aircraft and pay for it right then

How to make a reservation

Once you have determined which operator answers all of these questions, and decided on a price that fits your budget as well as a payment method that works for you, it is time to call and make your reservation. The reservation process should be easy and divided up in simple steps. With Flex Air, we have only three, where others may have more steps. Why make it complicated to make your reservations? You are looking into flying privately to avoid the inconvenience that is commercial travel, so we want to make the process as carefree as we can. Our steps include:

  • Your initial phone call: this call will iron out precisely what you are looking for, our professional team will discuss with you what aircraft you need when you travel, what the most convenient airports are to you (some you may not even know you are close to as they are typically private airfields) and what additional amenities you and your group may need.
  • Free Consultation: Your consultation will include what options we have for you in terms of available aircraft, where they can pick you up and any additional services you may need like car service. We will then discuss with you what the pricing is for your options and go over any additional details we may need from you to make the reservation.
  • Final Reservation and Payment: This step will include discussing with you the payment options, such as pay-as-you-go, jet card and if air travel will be frequent, leasing options. You will also go over the final reservation, what all is included, your customized quote and if it all seems to be in order, we will finalize the reservation and send you a receipt as well as a confirmation. Then all that is left for you to do is make it to the airport the day of your flight.
Flex Air Charters is the first name in private jet charters.

Flex Air Charters is the first name in private jet charters.

Flex Air assists when choosing where to book a private jet.

At Flex Air, we provide reservations for air charters, private jets, turboprops, and even helicopters. We operate on a strict level of transparency for your safety and overall knowledge. We want our clients to choose us based on how well we do our jobs, not on what they want to hear. We make no false promises and after we have educated you, we hope you will see that choosing us as your provider is the right choice beyond a doubt.

Our agents are real, we don’t simply “claim” to work with certified and continually-audited operators, we do. We can provide our clients with all of the specifics including which aircraft they will be flying on, the last audit results of the aircraft through companies such as the FAA, Arg/US, Wyvern, and IS-BAO. As well as all of the credentials of the flight crew they will be flying with. Your knowledge gives you peace of mind and we, at Flex Air, prefer our client’s fly in complete comfort at competitive prices. By partnering with certified operators that have passed our stringent requirements, we can offer you options to fly out of nearly anywhere and to anywhere worldwide. That is the Flex Air guarantee. Full safety, luxurious comfort, the best aircraft and crew and constant care for our clients is what our company is based on. So when you ask yourself, where to book a private jet? The first name to come to mind, should be Flex Air.

Do you have questions about where to book a private jet? Flex Air has the answers you need give us a call at 1-888-722-0776 today!