Private Jet Charters to the 2019 Academy Awards

Luxury Private Jet Charters to the 2019 Academy Awards in Hollywood California

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Next year, on February 24th, 2019 the Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, will commence at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. The celebratory event, considered one the most prestigious in awards ceremonies in the world, will honor the best of the best in motion pictures released throughout the previous year. Although one of the most televised occasions in the world, there’s no reason to watch from your home, when you can hop on board a luxury private charter to the 2019 Academy Awards in Hollywood California to rub elbows with celebrities and see it for yourself.

If you’re thinking that reserving a private jet is way out of your league, you may be surprised to learn it’s not all that more expensive in the long run than reserving scheduled air travel. This is especially true if you should decide to travel to Hollywood as a group. The price of the charter could be split amongst the travelers and some carriers have special offers available to groups over a certain number.

Private jets are sourced based upon a number of factors, one being the type of accommodation necessary to comfortably seat groups of travelers. Also, dependent upon where you are traveling from initially, you won’t have to fly into overcrowded commercial airports and wait for your baggage at carousels. Private jet charters have thousands of smaller airfields they can fly into globally and several in California too.

As Los Angeles is the hub of the entertainment industry, it’s also a pivotal destination for private air traffic, executive and personal. And, there are a number of private airfields all along Southern California that is considered part of the region LA encompasses. Executive airports from Orange County to Ontario are available for private jet charters to fly into with the top four being Van Nuys, Santa Ana, Long Beach and Burbank respectively.

Jet Charters to the 2019 Academy Awards

Jet Charters to the 2019 Academy Awards

Booking private jet charters to the 2019 Academy Awards also allows for travelers to travel in a style similar to that of their favorite celebrities. Private jets have lavish interiors and plenty of room to stretch out and to socialize with fellow travelers. You and your group will have the entirety of the jet to yourselves exclusively so there’s no concern for being seated next to someone who isn’t familiar with the concept of personal hygiene.

Flex Air Charters can also arrange luxury ground transport for your group from limousines to shuttles, to your hotels so you can get checked in and rest before having to look amazing when arriving at the event. And, everyone knows that a big part of what makes the Oscars so desirable is the after parties. Major A-list celebrities host parties all over Los Angeles at clubs and hotels to keep the festivities going on into the night.

Flex Air Charters charters agents are available 24/7 to coordinate private jet charters to the 2019 Academy Awards for yourself and a group of friends or family members from start to finish. They can arrange luxury ground transport, help to reserve accommodations at local hotels and establishments even arrange reservations at landmark restaurants or book tours of LA attractions for you and your groups.

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