Air Charter Pricing

Anatomization of Air Charter Pricing

The principal concern for travelers interested in securing the use of private jets or air charters is generally centered around cost. In the minds of majority of people, private aviation is a lucrative venture most often taken advantage of by affluent individuals and large corporations. The price of the charter being a major concern for our clients is one of the reasons we suggest contacting agents to get information regarding aggregated price point estimates related to your specific type air charter. That said, there are a number of factors that influence pricing for air charters including aircraft availability, airport landing fees, and time between flights to list a few.

Additional factors operators consider when invoicing clients include the desired destination, number of travelers, what they intend to bring with them with regard to baggage or cargo and the purpose of the charter or trip. All of the factors in conjunction with one another will help agents to determine or source what size and type aircraft your charter requires.

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Air Charter Pricing

Air Charter Pricing
Air Charter Pricing

For example. The greater the distance between the point of departure and the desired destination will require a specific amount of fuel. You will need an aircraft with the fuel capacity to hold the requisite amount, especially if you prefer a non-stop flight. You may be thinking that smaller aircraft will be more cost effective, but you will then need to take into account the stop for refuel and if that doesn't deter you, then consider that the smaller the aircraft, the less payload it can handle to fly timely and effectively. This means less room to accommodate over a certain number of passengers, less hold in the cargo bay for luggage and anything you wish to acquire on your trip and return with and less space to move about in the cabin.

As was previously mentioned, this is why it's imperative to contact an agent to help source the most cost-effective and adequately sized aircraft to meet your needs. Sound like a lot doesn't it? It isn't something to be taken lightly, which is the reasoning behind our agents being accessible to clients anytime day or night to help plan their charters and trips accordingly and effectively so as to maximize their experience with private air charters and as well as their dollar.

Another item that can influence cost is calendar specific. Are you booking a charter for a date and time when there are peaks in demand? This may cost you more. Another point of consideration relates to one-way trips. If the charter has been reserved to convey yourself or your cargo one way, then you may be expected to cover the cost of the empty return trip.

It's safe to say that determining the price for an air charter or anything related to private aviation is complex. Operators do not simply charge for the exclusivity of the experience and nothing else. Multiple factors are involved which is precisely why we will never cease to stress the importance of having an industry insider on your side negotiating the best possible outcome, especially price wise for you. Furthermore, most operators are extremely transparent in delivering a full accounting of what they invoice their clients for so there's no need to feel as if you will not have full disclosure as to where your dollars are being allocated.

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In keeping with the concept of transparency, we’ve created a catalog of items you may see listed in a amortization of your air charter:

  • Landing fee:

    Varies between airport and the size and weight of the aircraft.

  • Short leg fee:

    Charged if your journey is less than a predetermined minimum distance. Short distances require that the aircraft fly at a lower elevation which in turn burns more fuel.

  • Segment fee:

    Government tax calculated per traveler.

  • Ramp fee:

    Fee is assessed when an aircraft is parked at the airport for an extended period of time.

  • Federal Excise Tax:

    Applicable on every flight, is equal to 7.5 percent.

  • International fees:

    May be assessed regarding permits, customs and taxes while traveling to foreign countries.

  • One-way fee:

    Assessed when charter operators have to fly an aircraft home empty, avoid this issue by reserving an empty leg flight.

  • Crew per diem fee:

    Roughly $75 per person for food on day trips.

  • Wait time fee and minimum usage fee:

    Accrues for the time the aircraft is waiting at the airport for your arrival, minimum usage is applicable each day your multi-day trip requires the aircraft to be parked at the destination airport

  • Phone fees:

    In-flight phone use.

  • Reposition fee:

    Is assessed when you charter an aircraft that is based at a location different from the locations of your departure.

  • Crew fee:

    May include overnight stay and lodging, food and transport.

  • De-icing fee:

    Self-explanatory and not a concern unless the aircraft is affected by ice, snow or sleet.

  • Cleaning fee:

    Applicable pets soil carpets or damage interiors or for various other mishaps.

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