Private travel

The Nature of Private Charters

Flex Air Charters are the leader in reservation services for the arrangement of private jet travel itineraries, domestic and internationally. No matter the scale of your private charter planning, be it in the organization of vacation travel with a group to a tropical destination or for the purpose of exclusive executive travel, we can coordinate your private travel plans to perfection. Not only do we provide excellence in customer service, we additionally deliver access to a fleet of aircraft whose comfortability and luxuriousness surpass those sourced by our competitors.

Professional flight coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to relay a number of private travel alternatives customized to adhere to your specific requirements. An extensive network of operators with whom we work alongside, allows for us to source an ideal aircraft option to satisfy your individual requisites for effective, safe and comfortable travel. Flight coordinators further organize each step of the travel planning process from start to fruition to ensure your needs are not only met inflight but prior to and following landing as well.

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Customizable options make private travel more luxurious

Ground transport, specific onboard amenities like dietary restrictions or catered food options and accommodation to bring a beloved family pet along can be made any time night or day by simply contacting your personal flight coordinator. Regardless of the concern or need, we are available to speak to you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Private travel
Private travel

Generally, when one schedules private travel through a service, they are looking to secure the use of a luxury jet. This can include private jets or executive airliners, both of which are designed with the ease of use regarding piloting the aircraft and comfortability of the passengers in mind. The jets are available in a number of sizes with seating able to accommodate individual use or large groups. They can additionally be reserved for longer travel itineraries and may include private sleeping quarters as well as functional and lavish lavatories.

Additionally, passengers may need to secure corporate options for private travel and our operators never fail to deliver impressive and functional options for these purposes as well. These aircraft include comfortable seating, pull down tables, in-flight communications functionality and WiFi connectivity, some even have an additional room for the purpose of conducting meetings or brainstorm sessions inflight. These options ensure that our business clients can stay tuned in and conduct business as usual.

Although private jets are utilized the majority of the time, clients may secure private travel options via helicopter as well. It's important to speak with flight coordinators regarding your needs so they can source the most appropriate option to accommodate your travel.

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Flex Air Charter’s reservation process delivers customized private travel alternatives that include the following:

  • A Personal Touch

    Dedicated flight coordinators work with clients directly to secure the most effective, safe and comfortable travel alternatives to suit their discerning tastes. These personal coordinators are available 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure when changes to itinerary need made, they accommodate them ASAP guaranteeing a seamless experience every time.

  • Flexibility Plus

    Flex Air Charters sources aircraft options from a fleet of thousands of available aircraft to curate an ideal travel alternative for your trip. Private aircraft have access to more airports than commercial airlines. This permits clients access to the nearest airport to their desired destination, which in turn reduces the time they spend in transport to and away from on the ground. For emergent situations and last minute flight options, flight coordinators can at times organize your trip and have travelers wheels up in under 2 hours time.

  • On-Demand. Accessibility

    Industry principals, for whom we reserve flights, have access to a vast number of aircraft available at a moments notice to secure your private travel option literally on-demand. Once you start to reserve through us on a regular basis, you’ll soon discover that we will stop at nothing to source the appropriate option for you, this includes discerning the most cost-effective option in keeping with the requisites of your travel specifics. Furthermore, private air travel allows for you to never again have to receive a pat-down by TSA agents or wait in long security lines only to have to practically disrobe prior to boarding your flight.

  • Safety First

    Generally speaking, a lot of the commercial aircraft you see flying are older aircraft, whereas, private aircraft are typically fairly new. Aircraft owner/operators we reserve flights for, take a special interest in maintaining their aircraft and vetting their crew. They additionally have a tendency to work alongside their crews for a long period of time and they certainly aren’t about to place their associates in danger, let alone their passengers by allowing them to fly in underserved aircraft. Private aircraft are rated and evaluated and their operators are audited on a regular basis per the FAA and their safety specs are available for clients to view to ensure they are in safe hands. Operator aircraft sourced via Flex Air charters are certified under FAA Regulations Part 135. Furthermore, operators require that the pilots have a specific number of in-flight hours in accordance with the FAA regulations stipulating to pilot certification.

Hear safety specifics or request information about specific aircraft or charter types for private travel.

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