Private Jet Rentals are Easier with the Experts


Private Jet Rental

Private Jet Rentals are Easier with the Experts

Private jet rentals have previously been thought of as a luxury for wealthy individuals exclusively. However, with the global private jet charters offered by Flex Air Charters, it is now a much simpler process that can fit any budget. Whether we are assisting members of the Fortune 500, celebrities, government entities, businessmen and women or single individuals, our goal is the same, to offer air charter solutions with honest and educated advice at competitive prices.

Flex Air Charters can provide scheduling and guidance for those taking a personal flight and those working and in need of a professional corporate charter. Our personal concierge service and partnering professional flight crews operate all year long, seven days a week to guarantee they are available to have all of your questions answered and private charter flights scheduled. With so many options, amenities, and added perks available through our worldwide network of approved aircraft charter vendors, you are guaranteed to have the ideal aircraft to and from virtually any location, anytime.

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Enjoy the Most out of Your Private Jet Rental

Executive Jet Charters
When it comes to high-class personal or business aviation, nothing saves you time and stress like a private jet rental through Flex Air Charters. Consider us for your next family vacation, business meeting or simply to get to point B from point A in the most luxurious means possible.
Luxury Private Jet Rentals
Your comfort is our ultimate goal. Many additional amenities that can be requested and may come standard on your flight are Wi-Fi, video conferencing, satellite phones as well as massage chairs, comfortable couches, digital entertainment systems, outside mounted cameras, flight attendants, catering, concierge services and much more.
Convenient Private Jet Rentals
Many flights that we schedule are last minute, for executives getting to meetings, vacationers avoiding a layover and emergency personnel who need to get to their destinations fast. Luckily, private jet rentals are fast and easy. Simply pull straight up to the gate in your car and board the craft without taking additional hours to pass through security checks and the hierarchy of boarding.
Private Jet Rentals
When flying commercially, even first class does not provide the most privacy for individuals and business flyers. With a private air charter, you will have the privacy you need for you and your guests if you would like. Some aircraft include meeting rooms, private sleeping quarters as well as many other privacy specific modifications to allow you to have the confidentiality you need.

Private Jet Rental Aircraft

Select the most suitable aircraft for your trip with Flex Air Charters

Private Jet Rental Aircraft
Private Jet Rental Aircraft Interior
Flex Air Charters has access to a worldwide fleet of charter planes, private jets, and a variety of other aircraft for any need. From Gulfstream, Hawker, Lear, and Citation jets to Airbus for cargo lifts and rotary wing aircraft, we offer the most modern and technologically advanced aircraft to our customers. Through select joint venture agreements, you can be flying on any size and type of available aircraft to anywhere, at any time, from anyplace.

All aircraft and providers we partner with are ARG/US and WYVERN approved for safety and follow a set of Federal Aviation Administration regulations known as FAR 91 and FAR 135 standards. No matter which aircraft you required for your private jet rental, our experience allows us to locate the best luxury jet charter flights to suit your budget and demands.
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Corporate Jet Charters

Improve productivity with reduced and even same-day business trips.

Corporate Private Jet Rentals Corporate Private Jet Rentals

Private jet rentals for corporate and executive travelers provide a time-efficient way to travel as well as many other advantages. Corporate travel via air charter is convenient, cost-effective and more efficient than the use of a commercial flight. By chartering a private jet you have the ability to skip long lines for check-in and security, visit multiple cities within a short period of time, conduct meetings via satellite or in a spacious cabin with your clients or partners and improve your productivity.

Book your jet charter at a moment's notice and save money with non-stop flights eliminating the need for overnight stays and layovers. You set your schedule to best meet your goals; we simply provide the right aircraft for you or your corporate group at the right location to reach your destinations in time to conduct your business. You also have the option to customize your flight with corporate marketing touches in the cabin such as customized seat covers, request conference tables for the comfort of your co-workers and clients and concentrate on your work with the privacy only a private jet rental can afford.

Private Jet Charters For Leisure

Skip the lines and get to your destination faster and in luxurious comfort

Private Jet Rental for Leisure
Private Jet Rental for Leisure
By scheduling a private jet charter service, you are in essence, making your travel easier. Enjoy skipping the TSA security lines, the comfort of luxury leather seating, amenities, and customizations that even allow your family pet to travel in the seat beside you. A private jet hire is a fantastic option for individuals, families, and friends for nearly any travel plans and events.

Not only will our agents ensure you receive exceptional service and a luxurious travel experience aboard one of our many partnering aircraft, but also that the air charter fits well within your budget. You and your guests will be treated to first class service at a cost-efficient price for everyone. Whether you are flying one-way, wish to fly last minute or would like to rent the private jet for a set amount of time and passengers, we can accommodate all of your needs.

Completely avoid the headache of commercial airline travel and skip the parking, layovers, lengthy check-ins, security lines, and lost luggage when you charter a private flight through Flex Air Charters.

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