Shipping Cars with Air Freight

Shipping Cars with Air Freight Through Flex Air Charters

Flex Air Charters Air Cargo

Shipping cars with air freight is a task not many know about until they are in need of an automobile shipment. For instance, when you are moving across the country or internationally, having your vehicle shipped to you is the most convenient option and doing so with a private cargo charter guarantees your vehicle arrives at its destination safely and quickly.

In the case of vintage, collectors or expensive vehicles, you don’t want them open to the elements or getting to you scathed in a motor accident. Therefore, shipping these by plane ensures they are transported with the utmost care without the risks that ground transportation poses.

Flex Air Charters is an experienced and professional heavy freight scheduling agent. We work alongside the most professional air charter operators and with access to thousands of aircraft to guarantee our client’s shipment is transported by a trusted flight crew and on the most dependable aircraft. We work with IATA/CNS licensed and approved Air Freight Forwarders (also known as Indirect Air Carrier – IAC). These professionals make certain to cover every detail of the shipment including securely strapping the vehicle, providing the right ramps for the model of vehicle to not scrape the undercarriage and offering climate-controlled cargo spaces.

So what kinds of cars do we ship?

Flex Air Charters can arrange shipments of classic or antique vehicles, specialty and collectors cars, racing and professional cars, luxury cars, sports cars, SUVs, vans, motorcycles and any other type of automobile.

When Shipping Cars with Air Freight, where can they be shipped to?

Flex Air Charters provides access to worldwide locations for the shipping of vehicles. With private aircraft, you are less limited on the delivery of your vehicle than you would be with a commercial aircraft as private aircraft is much smaller and can land at smaller airports. Some countries and continents we ship to include but are certainly not limited to Germany, Italy, Russia, China, India, Africa, South America, Alaska and virtually any other destination in the world provided that destination does not impose guidelines that prevent us from doing so.

Additions To Your Auto Cargo Shipment

Shipping cars with air freight can include additional instructions about delivery. Not all clients wish to have their car simply delivered to the arrival airport. Some extra services we can include on your car shipment are: delivery to a location outside of the airport once the vehicle arrives, pick-up from a location other than the airport for delivery, and door-to-door service from more than one location outside of the airport.

Schedule Your Automobile Cargo Shipment Today

With Flex Air Charters’ access to thousands of suitable aircraft for your vehicle charter, you will have more options available to you in making sure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination. Your auto freight will also be handled by a professional transport crew who will assist in the loading, unloading, and care of your automobile. Some information we will need in making your reservation includes but is not limited to:

  • The year, make, model and measurements* of the vehicle being shipped.
  • The original title, license plate, and VIN number.
  • The value of the vehicle as well as a confirmation on whether you wish to insure your vehicle for the duration it is with the shipping agents.
  • Which additions you wish to make if any.
  • Contact information for the shipper and receiver in both the departure airport and arrival airport.

*If the dimensions/weight provided us is different than what we receive at the airport, you will be responsible for the additional costs/charges incurred.

Please keep in mind that your vehicle must be in running condition, empty with no personal belongings inside, no more than ⅛ a tank of gas in the car, no current liens on the vehicle* and be delivered with a set of keys to move the car.

*A notarized letter from the lien holder will be required if there is a lien on the vehicle authorizing the export or transport of the vehicle before scheduling.

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