Presenting the Airbus Harmony, a Stunning New Interior Design Option for Corporate Jets

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Airbus Corporate Jets recently introduced a new interior design that features elements that, according to their creative development team exemplifies a timelessness and elegance rarely found on corporate jets. The new interior design concept, appropriately named Airbus Harmony, will be made available on Airbus’ 200 million dollar A330neo aircraft and the wide-body designed A350XWB jet airliners.

Airbus has indicated their Harmony design is the result of the team’s efforts to break with the traditions of what had previously been regarded as the standard for corporate jet designers. The Airbus Harmony is supposed to convey the practicality of extended flight functionality with the comfortability and spaciousness that wide-body airliners impart upon their passengers.

Airbus Harmony developers know that often those engaged in corporate travel make use of their time in the air to work, catch up on some sleep or socialize. Harmony was developed to enable travelers to revel in any one of these singular pursuits or all of them at once. This, in turn, allows for the traveler’s entire world to be brought onto the flight with them, thereby delivering a seamless transition between work, home, and travel.

Originally intended to be offered exclusively on the A330neo family of aircraft, developers opted to make the inclusion available on various other Airbus wide-bodied aircraft like the A350XWB variant.

Airbus Harmony Interior Design

A holographic globe showing aircraft position greets passengers in the new Harmony cabin design concept created by Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ)

Upon entry on an aircraft featuring the Harmony design, travelers will be introduced to a holographic image of the globe that displays the plane’s real-time position. Travelers will be left with a choice of which direction to go next. A quick turn to the left will treat them to the luxurious design of the master bedroom, bathroom, and executive space. A right turn will present to travelers an elegant social space featuring seating that surrounds a round table in hopes of inspiring social interaction amongst the travelers.

The layout of the design is centered around the integration of concentric circles throughout the entirety of the cabin meant to signify the harmonious effects of ripples in a pond.

Slightly beyond the social space and lounge are an executive meeting space with a conference table and four executive suites, each consisting of an office that converts into a bedroom and an adjoining bathroom.

The Harmony aft cabin features adaptable seating for support staff and a fully functional galley. Airbus prides itself on its modern approach to connectivity and has integrated technology to maintain travelers’ ability to stay connected throughout their time in flight.

Generally speaking, prices range from roughly $200-300 million for the Airbus family of corporate jet aircraft the Harmony is available as inclusion for. Pricing for the integration of the Harmony interior layout will be supplementary to the purchase price of the aircraft and has not been indicated as of yet, customers will need to contact Airbus directly to learn more about how to place an order for it.

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