The World’s Top Private Jets Available for Purchase

The World’s Top Private Jets Available for Purchase

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As of late, busy executive travelers and cash-rich individuals looking for a worthwhile investment have shown an interest in pursuing the ownership of private jets. This could be indicative of the need for a more effectual travel solution than scheduled air travel with its security checkpoints and constant delays or something else entirely. Regardless, aircraft manufacturers have started to reap the benefits of the renewed interest in jet ownership.

Innovations in aircraft design and state of the art advancement in composite materials have made the private jet aircraft of today sleeker, faster, fuel-efficient, long-range luxury vehicles anyone would be thrilled to call their own. The only question beyond how to afford the upkeep is which jet do you choose?

In recent years, the trend in private aviation as a feasible travel alternative over commercial has seen an increase especially concerning business-related travel. Corporations globally are spending as much as one trillion dollars on executive travel each year. In the United States alone, there are over one million business trips scheduled daily, making the demand for effective travel options a necessity.

As a result of the ever restrictive practices of major airlines and commercial travel’s in-effectivity to do anything on time, corporations have started to invest their revenue in various private travel alternatives. Larger corporations or businesses that require the use of air travel numerous times throughout a calendar year have sought to purchase jets. Corporations are additionally seeking to enter into termed leasing contracts like jet card service programs or the transfer of an aircraft from the owner to the lessee for a specified amount of time.

Beyond corporate ownership of private jets, wealth reports have indicated a niche market for private jet sales have seen jet ownership in North America increase more than 3% with thousands of privately owned jets in operation globally. That said, the purchase of a private jet can set an owner back at least hundreds of thousands of dollars with some purchase prices reaching up to several million dollars. This is simply concerning the cost of the jet, additional costs include crew cost, maintenance, and housing fees.

If you or your business are in the market for a private jet but are still at a loss as to which aircraft you should choose, we’ve compiled a list of the top private jets available for purchase right now. The aircraft listed below are the largest, fastest, most opulent jet aircraft in the world.

Dassault Aviation Falcon 6X

Purchase Price $47 million Seats 16

The aviation realm’s first-ever ultra-wide body business jet features a contemporarily designed cabin flanked on both sides by 29 picture sized windows and a skylight. The Falcon 6X max speed achieves Mach 0.90 and the fuel efficiency of the business class jet can see it travel up to 6000 miles non stop.

Gulfstream G500

Purchase Price $44.5 million Seats 19

An amalgam of speed, agility, and comfort the Gulfstream g500 can travel the expanse of the distance between Hong Kong and New York in no time at all. A deluxe cabin design includes a marble lavatory, customized seating, and sleeping accommodation for up to 8 people.

Embraer Manhattan

Purchase Price $83 million Seats 19

In homage to what the New York Art scene would have once referred to as style moderne, the Embraer Manhattan looks like something F. Scott Fitzgerald or Ayn Rand would have written about. A sophisticated metallic laced mural of the Manhattan skyline greets passengers as they enter while mahogany trimmed interiors embellished with brass finishings can be found throughout the cabin. From the luxury lounge to the dining area, this private jet is the epitome of 1920s decadence.

Bombardier Global 7500

Purchase Price $64 million Seats 19

The world’s longest and largest private jet, the Global 7500 features a fuselage that extends roughly 120 feet and its cabin boasts 4 separate yet spacious living areas which may be outfitted to the customer’s specification. A fully functional kitchen, bath, bed and social or entertainment lounge round out the cabin’s configuration.

Airbus ACJ319neo Infinito

Price $83 million Seats 19

The result of a development collab between Airbus Corporate Jets and Italian sports car manufacturer Pagani Automobili, this luxury jet features leather, wood, and carbon-fiber trimmed interiors and has an onboard bedroom, lavatory, entertainment viewing area, dining facility, and lounge. The highlight of its state of the art design is an innovative sky ceiling which delivers a live view of the sky above the aircraft into the cabin.

Embraer Lineage 1000E

Purchase Price $53 million Seats 19

Fully customizable large executive jet that offers a number of layouts and configurations for its nearly 800 square feet of cabin space including 5 separate interior zones. The Embraer design team was hoping to impart the feeling of a home away from home by allowing customers to design their living space to their specifications. Highlights include a spacious cabin illuminated by the light coming through its picture sized windows, an entertainment viewing area featuring a 42-inch TV, dining facility and social lounge, Queen sized sleeping accommodation and en-suite, made complete by the inclusion of the industry’s largest shower and breathtaking view.

Pilatus PC-24

Purchase Price $8.9 million Seats 11

Luxury class aircraft that combines the speed and efficiency of a turboprop with mid-class light jet luxury. Capable of off-roading by landing in remote, underserved, rough terrain or on short field runways with a large cargo door, the Pilatus PC-24 features a spacious interior.

Honorable mentions include the following:

Dassault Falcon 7X (Purchase Price $52 million), Cessna Citation Sovereign+ (Purchase Price $18 million), and the Bombardier Lear 75 (Purchase Price $13 million).

These are just a few of the world’s most innovatively designed luxury business class and private jets available for sale now. Aircraft manufacturers are developing fresh and unique models of private jet aircraft every day.

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