Top 10 Fastest Military Jets in the World

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Many aircraft exceeds speeds of Mach 2.0, however, some of them are research aircraft and some used for reconnaissance purposes. The following are just a few masterpieces of military engineering. The X-43 This experimental, unmanned hypersonic aircraft is a part …

Boeing Autonomous eVTOL Takes Flight

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Boeing’s autonomous prototype completes its first test flight in Manassas, Virginia on January 22. The aircraft, also known as a passenger air vehicle (PAV), completed a controlled takeoff, hover, and landing. The flight was intended to test the autonomous functions …

The Bombardier Challenger 850: Reliability and Support

The Bombardier Challenger 850: Reliability and Support

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The Bombardier Challenger 850, based on Bombardier’s 50-seat CRJ200LR, was the largest super-midsize business aircraft offered by Bombardier Aerospace. The aircraft can accommodate 15 – 19 passengers and has a transcontinental range and a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.80. Bombardier …